Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Photo Wall DIY

I am such a fan of the photo wall. I mean, whats not to love? It makes for a great photo backdrop, it livens up a party, and (best part) it makes guests express their silly side! Which is great...because nothing is more awkward than an awkward party silence. Am I right? I kinda think photo wall backdrops are brilliant because they are so super easy and affordable...easy and cheap are craft crowd-pleasers for sure.

PS...enjoy my feet in these photos. I swear they were clean and I swear to wear shoes in posts from now on.

1| The first of, well 2 steps is to cut your design out of craft paper and apply tape to the back. Liam's birthday party was orange, gold, and triangle theme so my color and shape selections were such. I'm brainstorming a couple other photo wall shape and color ideas so stay tuned.

2| I began taping the triangles to the wall near the ceiling and worked my way down. My goal for the pattern was to not be exact, but to be symmetrical. If you are an exact pattern kind of person, I wont judge :).

As you can see, my pattern was pretty balanced and provided great visual interest for party guest photos.
Best part...the guests loved it! Photo walls make parties a hit!

If you make a party photo wall send me some photos or a link! I wanna see it!


  1. This is SO awesome, and easy! Photo booths make every party better.

    1. Totally! Every party should have a professional photographer as well, in my opinion. Too bad we aren't all rich :)

  2. OK, I be wondering how you do that!
    Wasn't sure if it was paint permanent or craft crazy. Love it!
    Love the pix of Liams guests. Grandma and grandpa are so cute! As are Aunt Jodi and Annabelle. All super cute!
    Maybe when you have time (like you have extra time) you can introduce all the guests!
    Love, love, love! And I love the colors too!
    P.S. your feet are cute! Besides as any good monkey can tell you - climbing barefoot gives better grip and balance!

    1. It's a paper miracle really! :) And after the snow melts I am barefoot until the next winter I swear. I get so sick of the cold feet around here!


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