Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Liam's First Birthday Party: Part 1


The combination of Easter partying and teething woes have compelled us to live in slow motion for a week. But the time has finally come to celebrate blog-style my little Nugget's first birthday! I have to tell you, being the mother of a 1-year-old is a complicated thing to be. Your heart bursts with excitement for the little man he is. You anticipate eagerly the little boy he will become. More than anything you pray it will all slow down a bit.
On Liam's birthday I just soaked in all his gushy nummy-ness. I kissed his fat rolls and the back of his neck. I held on to 11 months. And then I threw a party that was fabulous if I do say so myself.
So fabulous, I kind of wish he didn't nap for half of it.

If you don't know this about me then you may not know me at all...but I am a little bit detail oriented. Combine that with overachiever and things begin to become a little wacky. And I was not about to throw a party without details like party-hat-wearing woodland animal cupcake toppers. So long as we are outside with woodland animals, we might as well have mini teepee food labels and big teepee for Liam to match. Feathers and triangles seemed to just go so they appeared on the treat bags, photo wall backdrop, and gift labels. And let's not forget my obsession with orange and gold. I hereby declare Liam's theme colors to forever be orange and gold.

I loved the way this little event came together, but a party wouldn't be a party without a sweet little Nugget the throw it for. Stay tuned...more photos to come!


  1. I love everything! I can't even pick a favorite part because I just love it all. Will you adopt me!? ;)

    1. Yes Kelly...I will adopt you ;). Let's do figure out a way to party together. It seems we are both a little obsessed with a party!

  2. Ahhh! Alix this is SO sweet! And I just adore your wrapping job! <3

  3. A segmented birthday! Cant wait for the next instalment! I particularly like the teepee. I want a teepee kit! Do you have teepee kits? I mean what a fab fun thing to have when the grandkids come to play! BTW, did Liam nap the half away in his teepee? Overwhelmed by goodies and color, I'd be snoozing too. That's the great thing about very young and very old - snoozing is OK! 'Specially when one wakes the party continues! I love it!
    Love, love love :)


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