Sunday, January 29, 2012

a banner for a boy!

this week i have been engaged in some serious crafting 
and (as good self-proclaimed photo-bloggers do) 
i have kept a photo record...
so, to kick-off nursery nesting and to establish 
the all-too necessary nursery color pallet 
i created a name banner for baby boy....

in case you didn't catch will be named (drum roll please): William!
this is after his father Clinton William (not to be confused with Bill Clinton)...
and we now begin the debate: "shall he be called Will or Liam?"
mother-in-law has made it clear she will be calling him Billy the Kid... 
and several clever (although really not-so-clever) uncles think they will call him Wet-Willey 
("like when you lick your finger and put it in someones ear... get it?")... 

 we just want him here, healthy, and happy...
and if he comes out as cute as this banner, we will keep him!

Tuesday, January 24, 2012


Okay folks... it's time to get serious about this blogging stuff.
for 4 years I drooled over fashion-savvy mom blogs and do-it-yourself design blogs (also powered by moms) and I figure now is a good time to add my fashion and design. Or just my crazy.

Here I am (not the dog):

 ...and here is Clint (also not the dog):

 ...this is baby:

 ...and here is boxers:


 after introducing our family I realized Clint and I need to stop using our dogs as accessories... maybe a blog will be a good hobby outside our dogs :)
Welp Welcome!