Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Men in Skirts with a Twist.

Mr. alix adams (aka Clinton William Adams) is pretty funny...usually the most so when he is not trying to be. Don’t get me wrong, Clint can crack jokes with the best of um', but one of his funniest habits is his movie selections. Clint's most frequently viewed films can be categorized into two sections:
1. men in skirts
2. romance with a twist

So here is the breakdown: 

1. men in skirts
- Braveheart (kilts = plaid mini skirts )
- Dances with Wolves (leather skirts)
- Gladiator (armor skirts)
- Troy (leather armor mini skirts)
- and...How to Train Your Dragon (yes…the animated film...also kilts)

2. romance with a twist
- The Devil Wears Prada...and the twist is Meryl Streep who he describes as a metaphor for all terrible bosses
(not kidding, he LOVES this movie...he claims it is the working dynamics he enjoys about this film, not the high heals---I'm not convinced)
- Titanic...and the twist is that most everybody dies
(picture this: Saturday night I come downstairs to find Clint enthralled in the scene where [spoiler alert!] Jack freezes to death...so funny to find my husband and two dogs watching the Titanic sink [which sounds worse than it is]. Note: does anybody else think it is weird that the old lady dies and returns to Jack [who she knew for a week] and not her husband who fathered her children? WTF James Cameron?!)

Happy Tuesday everyone! If you have weird favorite movies leave a comment!

Friday, February 24, 2012

From dessert to bedrest…

If I had my way…every dessert would include mint and chocolate. Clinty, my man, prefers vanilla, caramel, cookies n' cream, cheesecake. So when I had the chance to make him a Valentines dessert I knew Oreo cheesecake was perfect. These mini cheesecakes were delish…but next time I will just do one big cake (the cake stuck to the cupcake paper). Here are a few more pics of the delicious specimen…

As for the rest of my life:

1. Pregnancy is coming along. I am very pregnant (36 weeks, but it feels like 40...I think) and very swollen (I have expanded like the blow fish on Finding Nemo). The midwife has ordered lots of swimming and feet elevation. I have also been drinking a spinach green smoothie a day and red raspberry leaf tea. Look at my healthy big bad self!
Note: feet elevation seems to be working, but my face is too fat to post pictures.

2. Good news! Bosco has only eaten 3 earplugs this week as opposed to 5 last week...but he did swallow an entire swiffer feather duster.

3. The Lewis family (my family) came into town and threw 2 baby showers. They were amazing! I will post pictures when I get them from Lacee

4. I went to the Chiropractor…they have pillows with a special whole cut out for my belly and I wanted to bring one home so I could lay on my stomach again. My body is looking pretty curvaceous and disproportionate these days. It is a comical experience when you put on a swimsuit, look at your breasts, and think to yourself: those are not where I left them.

5. My nursery is almost done! Thanks to my mom, dad, and Clint we are almost ready to bring baby home!

Monday, February 20, 2012

Hot date for V-Day

"a good marriage is based on a talent for friendship"
- Friedrich Nietzsche

This Valentines day husband and I decided it would be fun to stay in and team cook. In commemoration of lovey V-day I thought I would introduce you to my husband and Valentine!

Clint is husband and Clint is confident
hint: I am the pregnant bowling ball…he is the everything

for Valentines day Clint bought me a card and this is how he labeled it

Clint is now exploring cooking.
He was so proud of his cooking that (for the first time since I met him) he delayed consumption to take a picture of his dinner and post it on facebook… and send it in a text message to all his family. 

This is the gourmet tenderloin steak husband made for our V-day dinner that was so fancy he used butcher's string, wine, and porcini mushrooms. It was SOOOO yummy!


Clint loves cheesecake. I also made a delicious dessert (and 3 sides) to go with our dinner. I made Oreo cheesecake found here. 

Clint was the best Valentine in the world…he comes to birthing classes every week, works to keep the family afloat, and is going to be the best daddy ever!

Monday, February 13, 2012

love is in the air (and on my fridge)

Life has been pretty busy this past week and it is about to get busier...
monday: carpet cleaning
tuesday: rest of house cleaning/stay-at-home date with husband [will blog about dessert recipe]
wednesday: lewis family gets to town
thursday: house ready for baby shower
friday: baby shower 1 [will blog about fabulous friends]
saturday: baby shower 2 [will photo blog]

if you took the time to read my schedule, which i much appreciate, you will notice some posts on the horizon! In my haste to prepare for carpet cleaner man I have not had a chance to make my annual V-day paint-color-sample cards and treats or to decorate for this pink month, but I did find my favorite decoration (from momma) to adorn our fridge.

Happy Valentines Day!

Thursday, February 9, 2012

self portrait

Today I will talk about the boy in my belly…I am so excited to meet this little fella, but I kind of feel like I know him already...My absolute favorite part of the day is when I feel him kick. Often this happens when I am so busy that I forget about this little hitchhiker who goes everywhere with me. It is as if he wants to remind me that he is still tagging along. He was particularly active during church on Sunday, which made me wonder: how come I am having such a hard time staying awake? Here is our self portraits: 

While me and little boy live in a utopia of kicks most of the day, I have to say I have discovered that pregnant women tend to bring out the "know-it-all" in others. Everyone seems to know just how I should birth, what my baby will be like, what I should feed him, what brand of diaper bag is best…and so on. With all this "knowing" I have come to realize…everyone give completely different advice and stories. Anyways I have complied a list of a few things you should never tell a pregnant woman:
1. Your birth story
2. Your birth story
3. That she looks like a bowling ball

Come to think of it…the only things you should tell her are found in this article:
1. You look great!
2. Would you like to sit down?
3. Can I get you a cookie?

I would like a cookie on top of mint-chocolate-chip ice cream covered in milk and chocolate syrup (to be specific). Regardless of advice overload I can say one thing…no one, and I mean no one, will love this baby as much as we do!

 and here are the dogs attentively listening to my advise to stop barking or they will be kenneled

Friday, February 3, 2012

this week i...

hello faithful followers! (aka my mom and great aunt)... I thought this would be an excellent time to introduce me by going through my week.
This week we went for a fabulous Sunday walk:
The unusually warm winter weather in Utah has been perfect for walking and Sundays but not so good for snowmobiling and snowboarding. If you remember... I am uber prego so a toasty winter is a-okay with me, but not so much for poor Clint and Rufus (what I just named his snowmobile). 
if you look close in the photo above you will notice that Bosco is having a particularly difficult time crossing the cattle guard. he usually accomplishes this task by hunching low to the ground and sprinting across while crying.

In looking at my iPhone photos i realized 2 things:
a) i take a lot of pictures of my dogs and...
b) Jada is always staring at Bosco like he is a moron.

Not a bad view for a walk!

This week husband Clint worked with Bosco on his tricks:

"Bosco, shake"
 "Now the other paw"
 jada's thoughts: idiot... they aren't even giving you a treat for doing tricks.

While Clint was practicing tricks (or torturing the dogs) he grabbed their paws and sang
"This little piggy goes to the market...this little piggy goes to the mall...and this little piggy goes pee, pee, pee all the way home"
I am so proud of him for practicing daddy talk!
Speaking of babies... I spent my week nesting... literally:
 for my baby shower we are doing a birdy theme and I had to make these beautiful newspaper nests as decorations. thank you April 2010 Country Living!
I also splurged at Wally World and bought a birthing ball (also know as a Golds Gym Yoga ball):

decided to frame my favorite towel ever: 

and... although my face looks pregnant... i thought i could share a 32.5 week update photo!

Yay for baby boy!!!

PS... clint and I fixed the toilet (thanks to Loyd at Home Depot for helping a pregnant sista out!)