Saturday, September 29, 2012

paper haunted village DIY!

Every Halloween we Lewis women create a few crafts that have become quite the annual tradition. This one is my favorite and, as far as I know, I have not seen anything quite like it. The best part is...this spooky craft is inexpensive and so cute you might die. So get out the black construction paper, the old gift tissue paper, grab an X Acto knife, and some clear tape. We are about to get our craft on and create a mind-blowing mini haunted village!

1| sketch out your haunted house. i like to start by sketching my designs on white paper (this seems to help me visualize the haunted house better) and then free-hand copy them onto black card-stock paper. for silhouette ideas check out google images, Halloween decorations, or use your imagination!

2| using an X Acto knife or razor blade, cut out the silhouette. this includes all window and door openings, interior fences, or maybe even a bat, cat, or owl (basically anywhere where you want some color, cut out). the best part about this craft is that you can be as creative (or not creative) with your silhouette as you want. to make things go quicker i recommend using scissors to cut out the easy parts (like the outline of the house, etc. ).

3| outline on tissue paper the areas you want colored tissue paper. i prefer lots of different colors so there is a lot of tracing involved around here. 

4| cut tissue paper according to your trace marks (on some parts this takes a bit of creativity getting the tissue paper clippings to fit just right but the good news is, you can always cut more if you make a mistake!). next, tape the tissue clippings to the back of the haunted house silhouette (the side with your sketch marks). 

5| display and enjoy! what i adore about this craft is that you can enjoy them throughout the day with sunlight shinning through and at night with candles lighting them up.

 tip: we decided to tape together three panels for each of the three haunted houses. this made each haunted house scene a perfect fit for my odd little square windows. also, the little houses stand up better if you slightly fold in the two side panels. 

And of not forget to add some batty friends!

Wednesday, September 26, 2012

on a rainy day

I am not complaining...not for one second. But the last couple days have been a bit rainy.
This is a very good thing, the rain is.
The smell of wet concrete soothes a soul.
And cloud cover with cool temps was necessary. Mother Earth needed the rain and so did we.
As rain drops plop little Liam's teeth decided to pop...teething has been a whirlwind of fevers and boogers and crying.
To join the fun we grown ups decided to get sick too. 
So with the rain and runny noses a little sunshine was just what we needed.
And I was happy to oblige. I pulled on my new sunshine pants for a fun visit to aunt Jodi's.
We enjoyed the rain and my pants protested the gloomy teething/flu blues.

 pants and shirt come from here
shoes come from here

Friday, September 21, 2012

AF Canyon Hike

The truth is, most of the time Clint and my conversations sound a lot like the Beatles vultures on The Jungle Book...
"So...what we gonna do?"
"I don't know what you want to do?"
"Let's not start that again!"

But every once in a while Husband wakes up and knows exactly what he wants to do and I just come along for the adventure. Last weekend I woke, rolled over, and Clint said, "Let's go on a long hike!"
Taking a hike was not exactly, "Let's go to Europe" or "Let's go on a cruise" but a hike was exactly what we needed (although Europe sounds good too). 

I jumped out of bed (a bit of an exaggeration) and threw on my workout stretchy pants. 30 minutes later we were on the road on our way up the canyon. 

It was a wonderful hike. Some leaves were changing, some were clinging to the last bits of summer. We were delighted to find a waterfall about 2.5 miles into the hike as it had been such a super dry winter. 

Now I was not abouts to hall my SLR on a 6 mile hike, so our collection of iPhone pics will have to do. 

Going through these pics just right cracks me up! Clint and that bandana. One of my favorite things about Clint-like one his greatest qualities-is that he is totally a closet nerd. On the surface he seems like a super cool dude, who catches silly things and makes witty remarks. But every now and then he does something that is so nerdy, and he is totally oblivious...or just so confident that he doesn't care how nerdy it may be. Like he totally wears those goofy toe shoes to work. He's the best.

Wednesday, September 19, 2012

pumpkin chocolate-chip cookies

 The very second I feel a crisp edge in the air and smell fall in the breeze I break out the canned pure pumpkin. It's almost like an uncontrollable reaction to the shift in weather. Like when your knee jerks up when a doctor knocks your reflex with their little hammer. I am no natural baker-I try real hard. But this pumpkin chocolate-chip cookie recipe is fool-proof. It is nothing unique. There is no secret ingredient. But they are the world's most perfect cookie in every way. They are moist and gooey and kind of like this little mini pumpkin cake that has melted chocolate nuggets. And somehow the chocolate chips stay melted even after the cookie has cooled off. 
How excited are you now that I have been ranting for 10 sentences about cookies? Soooo excited?
Well do it. Don't think about it. Give in to your fall reflex and make these cookies.
pumkin chocolate chip cookies at


Happy baking homies!

Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Nugget Month by Month (less April and May)

On the holy grail that is Pinterest I saw a series of photos a mommy took of her new baby. She took pictures of the babe on the same chair every month, and then every year (over-achiever). And I was like, "what a good idea". And come rain or shine (or un-enthusiastic husband) I have taken pictures of nugget on the same chair every month. But then I lost April and May's pictures (stop judging me). So I am almost there folks. Almost as amaze-balls as Pinterest-lady.
Some day. 
Anywho...Check out how much my Nugget has grown! What impresses me more than his thigh circumference (which is remarkable really) is how much personality he has developed. Every month gets better. 

Sunday, September 16, 2012

Welcome Fall

It's here! Have you heard? 
There is a crisp breeze when you step outside. 
Trees are throwing red, orange, and yellow tantrums. 
Pumpkins and gourds are making cameos in produce bins. 
I'm lining up my scarves and dusting off the boots.
Falls here! I am so ready! 
According to some radio dude, this past summer was the second hottest in Utah history. It was hot...but second in Utah history...was it really that hot!? 
So it's time. 
Time to watch hundreds of football games and commentate on the color of their uniforms (and throw in some football terms to check if Husband is really listening to me). 
It's time to spend money on adorable little boy fall clothes, and time for Nugget to barf on them to break them in. 
Don't you know its time to brainstorm Halloween costumes and pretend like Husband will dress up like anything besides a Celtics basketball player with a blonde Afro wig (although he is going for the world record of 5 Halloweens in a row as the same thing).
It is time to make pumpkin chocolate chip cookies and time to get sick from eating 3 dozen in 1 hour.
It's time to start doing (according to the Home Depot commercials).
The time is now for hikes and yellow sweaters and chilli soup. 
Get with it my people. It is fall!

This week I welcomed fall with mustard yellows, earthy teals, red stripes, and a peacock scarf. Looking at these photos makes me realize just how "curvy" my figure is these days. I mean, I always had the junk in the trunk but the nursing breasts and all the rest will take a little getting used to :). Maybe a few less pumpkin cookies.

Nevertheless, I am very excited for fall and my plans for this blog! I have fall crafts, recipes, and activities planned. You are invited!

Also, we have a big announcement of sorts. Our family is about to...get ready for a home! (Admit it, you thought I was going to say "have a baby". Nugget is only 6 months! Relax people [wink]). I am soooo excited that you will be able to come along while we build a house. This will be an exciting/scary/stressful/wonderful adventure. 
This fall we are feeling pretty blessed.

Friday, September 14, 2012

Back to School Annabelle

For a full year my darling mother and sister are living with us...and I am very happy about it you know. My mom has decided to go to cosmetology school and Annabelle has been brave enough to pick up and move with her, start a new school, and make new friends. Here is Annabelle's little back-to-school photo-shoot. She was a natural in front of the camera as I fumbled behind it.

Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Sir Liam Nugget is 6 months...Can you even believe it!?

We have taken to calling Liam "Sir William" because he is a little bit of a demanding prince in this castle. 

I hereby invite you to the 6th month photo shoot of his royal highness, Sir William Nugget. 
It is the desire of the prince that we make farting noises, so that he may laugh uncontrollably.
Smashed peaches and bananas will be served as our royal feast. 
All attending must not comment on the nudity of the Prince and must enjoy his butt-cheek dimples.
Please arrive by carriage.
Good day to you all!