Wednesday, June 27, 2012

irons in the fire.

Hello all! This week has been nutzo. And it is about to get even crazier. But before we get into the crazy, lets talk pondering. I have been pondering the direction(s) to take my blog. Of course your feedback is always welcome, but here are some of my thoughts. The Wednesday Wish list just isn't doing it for me. I would rather spend time documenting and sharing my craft/scrapbook/house projects. This is tempting me to do some DIY posts...experiment a little. When I got to this point in my contemplations I realized...I want a prettier blog (1st iron). So I need to teach myself how to make it prettier...which means some of my blogging time will be reallocated to design and I will have to decrease posting for a bit. Then I realized...I LOVE to blog. I haven't had this much fun with a project in a while. So I want a good blog, one that reflects my blog vision. Thus planning good content is a must (2nd iron). And now we get to all that is crazy in life (all my other irons): 

Last week: Grandpa Adams in and out and in and out of hospital (seems to be doing much better). Liam constipation (lovely). Bought a necklace. Bought Ellen sunglasses. Breastfed Liam. Made dinner every night (this is huge, like huge for me). Worked on my book (a book I am writing with a former professor that is almost finished and I really want to finish it because it is time to move on and I am so excited for it to be published and be an official author, which basically affirms how cool [or nerdy] I am). Cleaned house (always takes longer than planned). Planted grass. Spread bark. Breastfed Liam again. Laundry, oh my laundry. P90X. 

This week: Made fringe banner and hula skirt for Husband's birthday (DIY post to come). Bough jar lids that hold a straw (for birthday party, and yes...they are amazing). Tried on pre-prego swimsuit (it fit. so happy I could cry). Bought Bumbo. Returned Bumbo (Nuggets legs were too fat and didn't fit in the seat). Worked on book some more. Trained to do customer-service emails at Husband's work. Picnic. Breastfed. Breastfed. Breastfed. 

Next week (and this is where it gets way fun/way busy): Down to St. George for Clint/Davey/Evie/Stella birthday party. Up to Tahoe for 4th of July fireworks and celebration. Over to Yosemite for Macdonald's family reunion. Lots of pictures and posts to follow. And I will finish that book so help me!

Oh...and today Husband is 28. Happy Birthday old man ;)

Monday, June 18, 2012

Happy Father's Day Dad!

I love my dad. 

Here are a few things you should know about my dad:

My dad is a landscaper

My dad rides a motorcycle 
My dad has a "lucky leg"

My dad eats chips with cottage cheese

My dad is a really good snowboarder

My dad is your cable guy

My dad makes us laugh

My dad loves being a grandpa

My dad is a great teacher

My dad does a great funky chicken

My dad renovates homes

My dad mountain bikes

My dad hikes every day

My dad taught me how to use a Mac

My dad has a mustache

My dad is learning to weld

My dad has a six-pack

My dad is a great dad 

Thursday, June 14, 2012

Too good to pass up and oh I am official now!

So here is some exciting news. This psychology major, women's studies minor is on her way to being a computer geek (ish). During Nugget's micro-naps (too short to consider naps) I have been doing my blogging homework. I am designing/redesigning a custom blog with buttons, multiple pages, etc. and the first thing I figured out (which really wasn't hard but there is a learning curve here people) is to create a custom domain. What that means is that my blog URL is now (not alixandralewisadams.blogspot)! I'm official! Woot woot!!! This is probably way more exciting for me than any of you but this is my blog so deal ;).
K now on to the stuff that was too good to pass up. These pics are a month old but I couldn't not share. This is my brother Fischer giving Liam a bath. So perfect. He was so worried he would hurt Nugget that it took him 20 minutes to complete the bath and the water was cold by the end. Check it out:

Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Wednesday Wish List: Life

1. I always appreciate my body. and to remember belly rolls and cottage cheese were some of my best features once. why not now?

2. I always be grateful for the current moment. as i look back on photos three months ago, i can scarce believe the changes Nugget has made. he is growing so fast and so well. i wish to live in the moments of his life and to not wish for a future time. (i do secretly wish he would freeze in time, just slow down a little so i can soak him in, but then that wouldn't be fare because he needs to grow and wish too).
3. I find beauty in the simplicities of life. like enjoying words of affection written on a postcard from another time.
4. I wish...for more naps. lets be honest here people, 45 minute naps every 4 hours is not a delight...but i do enjoy the company.

5. I wish...for more time with family. i never appreciated how valuable a family is until Nugget came along. family is the fabric of the eternities.
6. I forgive as easily as Bosco forgives.
7. I eat healthier. to take better care of my body. to appreciate every breath.
8. I wish...he knew how lucky he is to have such an amazing dad. truly a patient and wonderful soul Husband is.
9. I wish...for a yard. a girl can dream right?
10. I travel the world. to learn from the lives of others. especially those who are different from me.

11. I enjoy the rainy days with Jada who stands as the master example of refinement and simplicity. 

Monday, June 11, 2012


Liam's gangsta face. This track suit reminds me of Mark Wahlberg, not sure why.

Our yummy picnic spread (with fake beer #hardcore)

G-Pa mowing

In his "landscaping boots" (not rain boots)

Fire pit! (and yard projects in the works)

Compelling narrative

Aunt Jodi's glamor shots

And Liam is no longer feeling Wahlberg-y

Two weeks ago the boys and I made a trek up to Idaho to enjoy Fischer's graduation and the family. One of the highlights was this yummy evening where we roasted hot dogs and chowed down on Texas salsa. Aunt Jodi joined us for the celebration. I feel very blessed to have so many loved ones around me. Now I am going to go watch Extreme Makeover... Peace Out!

Saturday, June 9, 2012

Announcing Liam!

This post has been in the making even prior to my nugget's arrival. Being a Pinterest/Blog/Instgram Pinner/Blogger/Instgramer, I have seen a recent trend in mixing sewing with paper and particularly little flags sewn to announcements, invitations, and scrapbooks. This is important stuff, mind you. Therefor, as a rational crafty human being it was only logical to apply recent trend (and ignore the obvious call to be original) and create Liam's birth announcement in the spirit of sewn banners and clever announcing. To my credit, I did use InDesign, Photoshop, Costco, a sewing machine,, help from my mom, and a perfect basically I am amaze-balls (a term used among crafty and hip bloggers or etsy-ers). Check out our little adorable announcements!:

And to celebrate our sweet arrival I have decided to explain the origin or William's names: 
William: Clint's middle name, Clint's great-grandpa's name, Alix's great-grandpa's name. 
Kevin: Alix's beloved uncle's name
Adams: Our last name :) (surprise!)

We still can't fathom what we did to deserve such an angel in our life!

Thursday, June 7, 2012

A mother's day gift, you know.

Holy smokes folks! This week and the previous have been busy busy busy. With brother Fischer graduating, birthdays, mother's day gifts, memorial day festivities, and in-laws in town I am pooped. The bad news is...i have sucked at getting blog posts out! {frown} The good news is I have about 8 blog posts in my cue that i think are spunky/memorable/endearing {smile}. 
For mi madre for Mother's Day I made her a photo book of Liam's newborn pics using blurb (fyi [for all those who are interested in making a photo book any time soon-which i am sure is hundreds of you]...i like blurb but i think i like My Publisher better). Here is the book. It turned out lovely. 

A few stories to keep you entertained. 

Clint wrecked on his motorcycle twice...while coasting...with the bike off. He also hurt his arm shooting a bow and arrow (I warned him...he has no Cherokee in him you know). He is starting to believe my rantings about his accident-prone-ness. 

Liam upgraded to size 2 diapers {tear} after an explosive p--p (- = o) which resulted in an entire load of laundry (my clothes + grandma Karen's clothes + Nuggets clothes + car seat cover + two towels). I blame this entirely on Husband's genetics. I am a lady after all. 

Fischer graduated. Few.