Thursday, May 31, 2012

Chubby Baby

There has to something angelic about chubby babies. I had an art history teacher who described her infant's fascination with its own chunky tummy: her baby boy sat in his tub and held his roles with intrigue planted across his face. He couldn’t believe his luck in the discovery he had made. His little eyes seemed to ask, "Have you seen this chunk around my middle? Pretty wonderful don’t you think?"
And it is wonderful. Chubby tummies and dimpled legs is what my little Nugget is all about. Seriously though, momma's milk must be straight cream because Liam has cottage cheese on his shins :). And he couldn't be happier about it.
I hope that I remember every moment of chunky baby love. Every chubby-cheek smile and rolely-polely giggle.

Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Wish List : For The Home


2 | Rug

3 | Light

4 | Votive

5 | Book

6 | Table

7 | Chair

Sorry we are a little late with this Wednesday Wish List, but I figure with Monday off, Tuesday was kind of like Monday and thus Wednesday is kind of like Tuesday...Hey I'm early then! You're welcome :). Enjoy! 

Tuesday, May 29, 2012

A weekend to remember

I can not even get over how beautiful of a Memorial Day weekend it was 'round these parts. Seriously beautiful. That being said, we started the weekend of with a torrential Saturday most unfit for the yard sale we had planned at my grandma's (don’t worry…we preferred to donate all the for-sale items over making money. We are quite the altruistic bunch you know). Speaking of bunch…the Lewis family (mi familia…bilingual…I know, I am awesome) came into town for a celebration of all the dead people in our life.

We visited my great grandparent's graves, which were lovely. At the grave my mom and sister pretended to call on the spirits of my great grandparents (they have been watching a lot of Long Island Medium lately) and I took a different approach…I posed by the tombstone and admired the flowers. I love that flowers help us remember those we love who have moved on…they seem to suggest that although we may pass away, we can re-bloom again with our family in the next season of eternity after this life.

Time was also spent with living family- aunts, cousins, grandmas. A dog named Juno. The important people you know.

One of the best parts of the weekend was our discovery of my new favorite restaurant Normandie CafĂ©. Very yummy. Very pretty. Pastries galore (all that matters when it comes to favorites of mine). 

And we jogged. Liam wore a hat. #cutestkidonearth

Not Pictured:
- Hires Big H burgers (I could die! Literally, so fattening and delicious I could die)
- Clint's motorcycle ride (only 2 crashes)
- House-hunting
- I acquired great-grandma's funky lamps!



All in all it was loverly. Just loverly. And I am pooped.
The dogs played so hard that they did not wake up until 2:30 pm today. 

Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Wednesday Wish List

Hello All! I am excited to announce my first series. If you are like me and have a minor addiction to Pinterest/internet window shopping I sympathize with the pain you feel. To help cope with our trial I have created a series that lists (in a pretty way of course) wanted Pins and buys that we non-millionaire humans (aka basically everyone) can't afford to buy every week. So drool on with me every Wednesday! 

Tuesday, May 22, 2012


being a mom is a hard job. the best job in the world, and maybe that's why it is hard. all your efforts, time, tears, and worries make it the best job because they are all directed at making another little human happy, secure, and loved. every now and then a moment occurs when i know Liam feels this love. where our souls connect. where he looks into my eyes and it doesn't matter that he can't speak the words because he tells me with his soul that i am loved. this sacred moment comes when we are lying next to each other and he looks up at me. without prompting, a grin dances across his face and i know it is just for me. sometimes when i feed him he unlatches and with milk dribbling down his chin his content eyes reach mine and i know that smile is just for me. and i know that although he cant thank me, he knows he is loved, he knows he is worried about, he knows i spend my whole day just trying to make him happy. and in that moment, when our souls meet, i know i am loved too. 

Monday, May 21, 2012

cookies for 2 ... milk for 3

To celebrate the 3rd year of our marriage I made some vanilla cake cookies with chocolate cream frosting. They were as good as they sound.

And isn't there just something magical about a homemade card. You can almost imagine the maker stacking paper layers, adding tape here and there. All their love is glued and glittered into place. That is why I make cards for the people I love the most. And I made Clint a card for our anniversary. 

So the two of us (husband and wife) ate cookies and the three of us (momma, dadda, and nugget) drank milk.

Thursday, May 17, 2012

3 years of marriage...and counting.

Hello all! This week was a special week. I turned first year mother's day and husband and I turned 3 years marriage. Woo-who! To celebrate, Clint told me to "take a hike", literally. We went up the canyon, weather was perfect, dogs were happy, baby was fed, we ate Jimmy Johns (can I just point out that not once has Jimmy Johns got mine or husband's order correct. not once. and we order sandwiches as they come on the menu. I swear they make the same sandwich for everyone no matter what one you order. butts.). 

I am still feeling heavy, but Nugget is only 9 weeks old, so I need to be patient. The weigh-in for this week is 144 lbs (5 pounds less than the last weigh-in). I really want to start P90X hard core, but can't seem to find the time (aka: lame excuse). I think I will need to start getting up at 7:00am to fit P90 in my life (be warned, this is a danger to society as I am not a pleasant morning exerciser...or pleasant morning human for that matter). ps...that warning was mostly for Clint who is graced by my attitude every morning. Anyways...our anniversary was lovely. Husband bought me a funny and inappropriate card (two of my favorite things) and I made him a card out of wasi tape and die-cuts (two of his favorite things [insert winking emoticon]). And to finish the evening we watched Modern Family, which I plan to rewatch 2 times today.

Sunday, May 13, 2012

Happy Mother's Day, Mom!

My mom is pretty awesome. And this photo proves it. 
First, she has fantastic taste. Those sunglasses are still in style. 
Second, she bought me awesome hats. 
Third, she is still happy to hang out with me every chance she gets. 
I love my mom. 
She makes me a better person and a better mom. 
She is one of my very best friends and I talk to her every day. 
By far, she is the most thoughtful person I know and I am grateful 
for all the things I learned from her. 
Like how important thank-you notes are. 
And to take lots of pictures. 
And how to make any space beautiful on a budget of $0.
Black is always slimming and if black isn't an option, wear teal. 
Thanks for being the best. Love you.

Friday, May 11, 2012

Blessed Sunday

Sundays are a bless-ed day. Last Sunday was a particularly blessed Sunday for us. We Adams family blessed our little Liam. Clint gave the blessing and Liam wore a bow tie-as he should on Sundays (I, on the other hand, wore a 1980s throwback ruffly top...jealous much?). Husband did a wonderful job blessing Nugget to be strong and joyous. It was a good Sunday to be married to Clint and momma to Liam.

Thursday, May 10, 2012

Confessions and Going For It

I'm nervous...but any time you put yourself out there, expose a piece of yourself, you are teetering on brilliance and insecurity. I meant to post sooner, but have been pondering the purpose of my blog and have come to the conclusion (in the middle of the night) that I am going to go for it. I am going to take myself seriously as a blogger. Getting to this point required I be honest with myself, and it started with graduate school applications. In the fall my applications began. By March it was clear that I had been excepted to a masters program at Texas A&M with essentially a full-ride scholarship. The University of Utah also admitted me into a masters program. As a strong advocate for women's education and economic security, deferring Texas A&M and declining the U was painful. I felt disappointed in myself for declining, frustrated that I had even applied and put myself in that situation. But then I also knew that if I hadn't applied, I would have never seen so clearly that these programs were not right for me, not right for now. It feels good to finally put into words: I felt like I was letting the academic me/the women's studies me/the advocate me down. And it felt like a relief and panic all at the same time. 
Independent of our little Nugget, I am sure this is the choice I would have made. But I never expected motherhood to be so fantastic.
So in the middle of the night, as I held Nugget I realized it was time to go to work. To learn how to design a website. To teach myself HTML. To commit to 5 posts a week. To connect with fabulous readers via Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest. It was time to make a difference through sharing my experience and ideas. As I held my baby boy at 3:00 AM I felt like it was time for me to take myself seriously as a blogger and this would be a part of me that I shouldn't apologize for.