Thursday, June 20, 2013

A CheckUp on Nugget Liam

You want to know what's craaaaazy? This kid. How big he is. He's practically a toddler. Actually I think he really is a toddler, but I'm clinging to whatever remaining baby-ness that lingers. I think that's subconsciously part of the reason I still breastfeed. That, and the health benefits and yada yada yada ;). Also, did I mention he still sleeps next to me? As if we lived in a one-room hut and there were physically no other options? Yep. This is true. And, I'm not sure if you noticed, but my better half happens to be a pretty tall dude. So between my little dude and my better-half dude I spend most of my sleep in fetal position in the bottom corner of our king-size bed. So, that's fun.

^ This is the cleanest this kid's feet have looked since he started walking sprinting at 12 months. I kid you not, he can run a 7-minute-mile (Actually I am kidding. That would be impossible. I'm just being dramatic to illustrate a point, so clam down). The second a door (or the gate blocking Jada's dog food) is open he B-lines straight for the road (or to Jada's food and promptly stuffs 8 pieces of dog food in his mouth and sits in her water bowl). YOLO, I guess.

^ This is a Clint pose. Like he is a casual model lounging. You can almost see that Clint-smirk like, "Check out how simultaneously funny and cool I am".

^ And don't let this angelic, tucked-in-bottom-lip, big-toe-grabbing face deceive you. There's a plan formulating behind those big brown heavenly eyes. Man don't you just want to eat those kankles up!?

^ This one I like to call "I think it's time to go now...he's ripping the tassels off my pillow...".

^ And now he's mad that I took the pillow away.

Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Funky Gift Topper!

Do you ever have those creative moments where you hit a stroke of crafting genius? Like when you think of a craft or creation you never thought of before and it's like "Ah-ha! That is brilliant!"
I had one of those moments when I was staring at my craft closet wondering what in the crap I was going to wrap my friend Stacey's birthday gift in. Stacey likes an funky and fresh gift topper as much as a blogger should, so I knew conventional bows were kind of a no-go if I wanted to make my gift card (boring gift) really special.
And then I saw it...a mini Styrofoam ball I had cut in half for this craft last December. It was flirting with me and I wasn't about to walk away. I set that blank canvas Styrofoam ball down on my craft table and started pulling other supplies from the shelves.
Gold pipe-cleaner? Uh, yea.
Pink and green lace flowers. Of course.
Pearls and lace bows and sequins. This is a craft project after all.
And then I plugged in the trusty glue gun and glam-ed out that Styrofoam ball like a boss.
I must admit, It turned out pretty darn fabulous. It sends off a Tim Burton meets Marie Antoinette kind of vibe, don't cha think?
I like it!
I am thinking of adding some of these to my shop (and giving my shop a face lift while I'm at it...because it really needs one). Stay tuned for some new products from yours truly ;)
Annnnnd....there is a slight chance I went overboard and posted 13 photos of this one gift on this post. So, there.

Friday, June 14, 2013

Four on Friday...going all out for this one!

AND NOW!...IT'S TIME!...for a mega edition of 4 on Friday! Okay so it may not be a big enough deal for capitalization and exclamation points, but it is exciting enough for you to read along and click on some of my favorite links for the week! We can at least agree on that, can't we?

I have had some interesting stuff going on in the world of Instagram...If you haven't read this post, you should know that I am guest Intagram-ing for The Neighborhood! You can follow them along @letsneighbor! The sick "environment" and "baby moccs" shots above are from @letsneighbor. And now lets talk about naked ladies and Liam wearing women's clothing. "Are you redecorating again Alix??" You may ask. And the answer is, "Yes, my poor mantel is ever changing!" And I don't think my mantel has ever felt for sexy ;). Oh and yes, that is Liam wearing a sun hat at the mall. He put it on himself and walked around the store bumping into things...but, he did look fab-u-lous! If we aint Insta friends, we should be! Follow me along @aruffledlife. There's more naked ladies where that came from ;)

Time for my top 4 pins from the week! Woot Woot! Oh Pinterest, you sneaky devil you, stealing all my free time! Because I blog and DIY, I like to consider my time on Pinterest as "research". Makes sense, right? I feel like we should be Pinterest friends too, no? You can check me out (wink wink) HERE, and I'll keep doing the "research" know, keeping it fresh.

4 DIY links: 

Marshmallow. Numbers. Need I say any more?

 a DIY TEEPEE fit for a princess (or prince!)

and some swoon-worthy cement and metallic planter boxes!

4 laugh-your-tushy-off links: 

annnnddd a Deer Dance Off...because why not?!

Thursday, June 13, 2013

$15.00 Art Wall (yes you heard me right...$15.00!)

I don't know about you, but I have had it up to HERE with how expensive it is to frame stuff! I mean, $120.00??? Come on! We recently moved into a house that has quite a bit more wall space and my small collection of framed photos just isn't cutting it. So I got creative, went to the secondhand store, and made some DIY magic happen! Find out how I created an entire art wall for $15.00 flat!!!

Also, you can find the above rad "LOVE" pint and other dope stuff at Caravan digital downloads!

Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Instagram for The Neighborhood

Have you heard? You may have heard. But in case you haven't heard, I thought I ought to let you know...I have been making a guest appearance on Instagram outside of @aruffledlife!
That's correct...I am guest Instagram-ing...guest Insta-ing...guest Gram-ing? Well, no matter how you say it I am guest posting on Instagram for The Neighborhood! And it has been kinda rad! I have met some new Instagram friends and I have been working really hard to post some quality photos that have something to do with being a part of a neighborhood.
The Neighborhood turns being a neighbor into a verb and I hope to give some examples by posting images of getting out on neighbor walks, hosting neighborhood movie nights, and supporting neighborhood local businesses.

You can check out all my images on @letsneighbor. Don't forget to post your own neighboring images and use the #letsneighbor so we can follow along!

Monday, June 10, 2013

Glitter Magnet Craft

So I've mentioned my obsession with the blog deignlovefest before. Not only is Bri Emery n' company brilliantly talented...but they happen to be engaging as well. These past two weeks designlovefest has called on readers to re-create some of their favorite designlovefest DIYs...can you say "right up Alix' alley"? I'm all over this challenge. You're supposed to make the craft, photo the craft, and then Instagram it with #designlovefestDIY!

I decided to recreate these little glitter magnets, but with my own flair. Mission accomplished? Maybe. So cute you could die? For sure! (But don't really die. This is just a craft for hell's sake).

Bonus...this craft was FREE. No trips to the wallet-black-hole that is Hobby Lobby. I used leftover glitter from this snow globe craft, and left over magnets from this advent calendar craft. Double gold stars for me ;)

And don't you worry...I've got more designlovefest DIYs in the works...and you should craft along with me!

To see more of my craft inspiration you can check me out (wink wink) at Pinterest! Happy Monday!

Friday, June 7, 2013

When 5-year-olds dictate a photo shoot. And I'm a photographer now, I guess ;)

Ever since I got my new lens I have been snapping pictures like it's my job...oh wait? But seriously I am OBSESSED with this 50 mm f/1.2 lens and it is making me itch to start some photography projects. But more of that in a minute. First, I wanted to take you through a tour of this adorably silly impromptu photo shoot I did with a couple of cute family friends. I was looking to get some lens practice and twins Maddie and Sadie were looking for some modeling work. It really just worked out for all of us. A win-win. To really get the hang of my lens I decided to let them dictate the photo shoot and I would just follow them around and try and compose shots around their playing. And you guys...letting 5-year-olds make photography decisions is hi-lar-ious! For example...

When 5-year-olds are in charge they choose to do still-shots of pine needles falling on them. Most people would go for the conventional fall leaves or falling snowflakes. Crafty people might select some colorful confetti, or maybe rice at a wedding. But 5-year-olds know where it's at...and "it" is dirt and pine needles. Important side note: later that night when I gave them a bath both of them had pine needles in their underpants. All for the cause...all for the cause.

Next...5-year-olds keep it real with the facial expressions and poses. None of this fuss about flattering body positioning or angelic smiles. No, they bring their A-game duck faces and crossed eyes. Sticking out tongues is also fair play.

 And...they aren't afraid to tell the photographer when they are pissed.

But really, no matter what they do, 5-year-olds (and Liam of course) can take some pretty cute pics. Don't cha think?

Now...more on that photography business that I was chatting about. I think I really want to start taking more pictures of people. Don't get me wrong...I do love a good bundt cake photo opp or stellar party shots, but really I need to venture out. For a couple reasons...

First, I really love my new prime lens (did I mention that?), but it was a bit pricey. There are other lenses I want too. For practical financial reasons (and for marital health) I really should be making sweet mula using these lenses.

Second, I think I have practiced long and hard for the last 1.5 years at photographer and with more practice on people I bet I could make a good photographer. That was my self-pep-talk. Practice is what I really need. That and an apprenticeship or something of the sort.

So...ah-hmm-m-m. I am a photographer now. Just decided. And I guess it's time to start working really hard to prove it.

Anyone want a discounted family photo session? Perhaps some engagements or newborns? Just email me and we will get the shiz going!


Thursday, June 6, 2013

World Environment Day...Go ahead, give the Earth a hug!

This month we humans celebrate World Environment Day (WED). WED is a worldwide celebration for positive environmental action where millions of people across the globe gather for events and party in the name of environmental awareness! What kind of parties? Find out more here! Also, see what changes I'm making to be more environmentally aware!...

Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Memorial Day and our lovely evening at a couple graveyards

Graveyards are so fascinating to me. Mostly because of all the people buried there. What were their lives like? Who did they love? Who loved them? Once they were walking and talking and making big plans here on earth. It's so weird to me that some of them have been buried so long that everyone they knew in this life is dead too. Some have extravagant gravestones and monuments erected to celebrate them. Some have humble gravestones that signify a humble life (more my style, really). I spent my memorial day remembering my great-grandparents and my grandpa. We also stopped by my uncle's grave whom I never met. And while Memorial Day is so important to remember those who are no longer here I always find myself thinking about making the most out of life while I'm here. I mean I really try and live the hell out of life. I work ferociously hard and play hard too. To me, that is really living. I want to admire a finished project or progress at the end of a long day. I want to wake up sore after a long hike the day before. I want to build something, vacation often, serve someone, make lasting friendships. That is really living.

I also want to fill my life with people who want to be in it. Thinking about death really makes you reflect on life and who you choose to spend your time with. I'm picking people who love me and are kind to me. The ones who fill your life up, not drain it. I wonder how many people buried in that cemetery wish they had lived more fully? I wonder which ones have no regrets-they look back on life as an accomplishment...a life well lived. I really want to be one of those.