Tuesday, May 29, 2012

A weekend to remember

I can not even get over how beautiful of a Memorial Day weekend it was 'round these parts. Seriously beautiful. That being said, we started the weekend of with a torrential Saturday most unfit for the yard sale we had planned at my grandma's (don’t worry…we preferred to donate all the for-sale items over making money. We are quite the altruistic bunch you know). Speaking of bunch…the Lewis family (mi familia…bilingual…I know, I am awesome) came into town for a celebration of all the dead people in our life.

We visited my great grandparent's graves, which were lovely. At the grave my mom and sister pretended to call on the spirits of my great grandparents (they have been watching a lot of Long Island Medium lately) and I took a different approach…I posed by the tombstone and admired the flowers. I love that flowers help us remember those we love who have moved on…they seem to suggest that although we may pass away, we can re-bloom again with our family in the next season of eternity after this life.

Time was also spent with living family- aunts, cousins, grandmas. A dog named Juno. The important people you know.

One of the best parts of the weekend was our discovery of my new favorite restaurant Normandie CafĂ©. Very yummy. Very pretty. Pastries galore (all that matters when it comes to favorites of mine). 

And we jogged. Liam wore a hat. #cutestkidonearth

Not Pictured:
- Hires Big H burgers (I could die! Literally, so fattening and delicious I could die)
- Clint's motorcycle ride (only 2 crashes)
- House-hunting
- I acquired great-grandma's funky lamps!



All in all it was loverly. Just loverly. And I am pooped.
The dogs played so hard that they did not wake up until 2:30 pm today. 


  1. Such great pictures, that baby is priceless!

  2. It was definately one of the best memorial weekends ever! I love spending time with mi famalia!!

  3. not a single mention of my birthday and not enough pictures of Daisy. WTH


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