Wednesday, September 26, 2012

on a rainy day

I am not complaining...not for one second. But the last couple days have been a bit rainy.
This is a very good thing, the rain is.
The smell of wet concrete soothes a soul.
And cloud cover with cool temps was necessary. Mother Earth needed the rain and so did we.
As rain drops plop little Liam's teeth decided to pop...teething has been a whirlwind of fevers and boogers and crying.
To join the fun we grown ups decided to get sick too. 
So with the rain and runny noses a little sunshine was just what we needed.
And I was happy to oblige. I pulled on my new sunshine pants for a fun visit to aunt Jodi's.
We enjoyed the rain and my pants protested the gloomy teething/flu blues.

 pants and shirt come from here
shoes come from here


  1. wwwaaay cute! I love them! I want too!!! Come see me too! Just finishing up with a major renovation. Text me and let's hook up 801-661-0566.

    1. Thanks! We went to the temple the other day and saw the renovation in process. I would LOVE to come check it out! We will call!

  2. You've got sunshine! Love the pants! you rock em!
    Teething stinks! At 1 Evie popped 7 at one time. Yep, 7. And Dave was on an away rotation. I get PTSD thinking about it. Is that a sock bun? I love love love it.
    You're too cute for words my dear!

    1. 7?! That is a nightmare! Yes it is a sock mom did it for me. I tried to do one on myself and was irritated in .2 seconds. Don't know what my hair will do without her when she moves home!


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