Wednesday, October 10, 2012

mommy lunch, it's a doozy

The above pictures are the aftermath of a day date. And here is how the story goes. 

Um k. Lets talk lunch dates with Nugget. 
This week is the birthday week of my good friend Ashley. We girls were like "hey...lets go out and celebrate."
Good idea right?
Not really so much. 

I prepared for lunch date with Nugget like a champ. I got up early. Read scriptures. Lugged Nugget to Zumba. Put Nugget down for a nap. Showered. Makeup. Hair. Dog potty. Nugget up. Bath. Dressed. 
At this point I was sweating profusely. Bangs stuck to forehead. 
So you would think it a good idea to dress us both up for glacier temperatures right?
Um no.

Currently Fall and I are not on speaking terms. She was all "Hey! Here I am with my crisp winds, orange leaves, and cool temps!" And I believed her! Turns out, yesterday was 75 degrees. So this morning for our lunch date I pulled on the skinny cords and knee-high chunky boots. I even put on an obnoxiously large and adorable scarf. 
You wouldn't be able to tell from our above shots (taken after lunch date), but Nugget was forced to endure the same clothes layering torture. In addition to the jeans and long-sleeve onesie pictured above, Liam sported a long-sleeve button down, socks, and shoes. The poor child. 
So you see, my closet wanted 40 degrees. We got 75.

Alrighty. After a 20 minute drive we pulled up to the restaurant. I parked Husband's ridiculously large truck, repelled safely out the truck door, wrestled with Nugget's car seat, and promptly shut my scarf (the obnoxiously large and adorable one that was around my neck) in the truck door. Unloading only took 10 minutes. Woot woot!
At this point I probably could have turned back, but mommy lunch dates are very important you see. 

Nugget and I were the first to arrive (I know, I was surprised too). Three other mommies were on their way and there must be something in the water because in our little group of moms we sported 5 baby boys: 2 nine-month olds (not twins, different moms), 1 seven-month old (Nugget of course), and 2 five-month olds (twins, same mom). 
Highchairs and strollers threatened to consume our whole table. 

By the time we ordered I was pitted out. Delightful!

All of us mommies ate with purpose. We bounced a baby with one hand and scarfed down sandwiches with the other. I was perfectly full after finishing my first sandwich half, but didn't want to crawl out of the maze of babies to find a box, so I promptly consumed my other sandwich half.
Every few seconds another clothing item came off (this sentence taken out of context would sound very naughty ;) ). First my obnoxiously large and adorable scarf (tear). Next Liam's pointless extra shirt. And of course the shoes and socks had to go (mom, he can't even walk yet, duh).

By the time we finished I felt like I had completed a cross-fit program. That lunch made me a P90X graduate. It was like training for a half-marathon. (Are you sick of my workout analogies yet?)

Birthday wishes to the birthday girl. Back to the car, purse stuffed with clothes. Into the car seat that both Nugget and I loath.

Upon arriving home, Nugget and I promptly shredded a couple more layers of clothing, retreated the the cool basement, and napped to the Ellen show. Whew.

The moral of the story is: mommy lunches are important, so order delivery pizza next time.

Jokes aside, I do feel lucky to have such great friends! Our babies and lunch dates are the stuff good lives are made of! Heaven bless the birthday girl and her adorable twin boys!

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