Monday, November 19, 2012

holiday wreath DIY

My Home Depot holiday is in full throttle now!
This holiday wreath is simply lovely! And it is easy to make. And it is inexpensive.
That's a trifecta people.

- pool noodle (that's right...a pool noodle)
- painter's drop cloth (from Home Depot of course)
- decorative items...for example, twine (Home Depot) or burlap (Home Depot) or a little bling (disco ball ornament)
- duct tape (Home Depot)
-  hot glue/hot glue gun

Got all your materials? On your mark, get set, wreath!

1| Begin by taking that pool noodle and looping it into a circle the size of the wreath you desire. Make sure to not make the loop/wreath too small because the noodle will start to bend and kink and then you wont have a circular wreath, it will be more like a triangle. So good size loop, and then mark on the noodle where you will cut

2| Next, get out the cutlery...well just one serrated-edged knife and cut right through the noodle at your mark. Make sure that it is a smooth cut so the end of the noodle will fit flush with your cut end.

3| I spent a minute or two gently working the noodle into a circular shape. It wont stick as a circle on its own, but I did work out some tough spots that felt like they might kink.

4| Now duct tape those two ends together like its your job. This is actually the hardest part and may take 3 to 4 hands instead of 2. So grab a friend. And make sure that you use LOTS of duct tape because if you don't that stubborn noodle will pop out of the tape. It's not pretty, but the more duct tape the better.

5| For the next part you will need your glue gun ready and strips of painter's drop cloth cut. Begin by placing a strip of hot glue onto the noodle. This will melt the noodle a little bit, but it is nothing to panic about. Then stick the end of your painter's drop cloth strip to the hot glue, and then start wrapping the strip around your noodle form. 

6| Continue by gluing strips of drop cloth all the way around your noodle form. If you used lots of shorter strips of cloth, make sure you start new strips where your last one ended and make sure to make the back of your wreath the side where all the strip ends meet up (so you don't have strip ends showing). Or just cut one really long strip that goes all the way around. I roughed up the strip edges (made them look stringy) by rubbing my hand around the wreath.

7| Bling it out! I used these mini ornaments and disco balls from Hobby Lobby to bling up my drop cloth wreath.

So there you have it...go get your wreath on!

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