Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Alt Summit business card mania!

Going to Alt Summit was kind of like showing up at your dream birthday party with all your best friends that you have never really met before. I kind of felt like I was online dating (kind of blog stalking) about 50 women prior to Alt, and then when I met them in person and exchanged cards, our relationships were solidified.
And you guys...
the cards were amazing! Nearly as amazing as the people passing them out!
In fact, if it weren't for the people at Alt, the cards would have to be my favorite part. Period.
Here are just a few of my favorites...I would have taken pictures of every single card, but Nugget woke up from a nap and started eating the cards.

And I'm 'bouts to do some serious name dropping of some* of the coolest people I met:
I greatly enjoyed my conversations with Nikki
The Girls With Glasses can seriously throw a party. I danced. A. Lot.
Erin with Design for Mankind bought my DIY necklace off my neck (and I just about fainted with pride and star-strucken-ness)
Jeran was my go-to gal. So glad I met her in person!
Oh...and did I mention I met Emily Henderson. Like the Emily. And Orlando Soria. Like the Orlando.
PJ was darling!
My favorite speakers were Karen from Chookooloonks and Jasmine Star from Jasmine Star Photography...they were both brilliant and their sites are worth a good look!
Tan of Squirrelly Minds was just as nice in person as she is on twitter!
I met the Editor in Chief of BlogHer (WHAT!?!) and I am buying her book about divorce...she was one of my favorite people to talk to about life.
I met some of Martha's people (Martha Stewart...she owns this small crafting company...have you heard of her ;) )...Darcy, who is the ultimate party designer...and Justine, the social media guru of all that is Martha!
Miss Renaissance and I spoke the same business card language.
Super soon I will be creating my life list on Go Mighty...They were one of my favorite sponsors at Alt
Erin from Art Social and I came early to the Hello Social to help out Melissa and Lexy. It was really fun getting to know all three ladies!
Stacy has my dream job!
Life coach Tiffany was as kind in person as she is on her blog!
Anna from And Then We Saved and I kind of had to do every photo booth together.
the Sugar Plum Sisters were both fabulous...and they let me change in their room so I love them forever.
Sarah hearts was very loveable!
And Whitney was so stinking darling my heart could burst.

*let's be honest...everyone at Alt is pretty damn cool


  1. I spy my card! Oh and you were very lovable too :)

    1. Sarah your card rocked! Obviously one of my favorites!

  2. well spoken by the girl whose card was definitely a contender for best attention grabber! that place was chock full of creativity and you my friend were a pretty big contributor of that! so good meeting you! xoxo gay

  3. Everyone IS pretty damn cool! I am so glad we got to meet and I'm super grateful for your help at The Hello Social! Couldn't have pulled it off without you! :)

    1. You bet! As a personal rule, I am always willing to help with a party! So nice meeting you!

  4. AHH you are just the cutest. I LOVED hanging out with you and wish we'd gotten to talk even more! And PS - your photography is gorgeous.

    1. Whitney stop it! You are too nice! My photography is a lot of white poster board, window light, and a tripod. Lets definitely keep in touch and hopefully collaborate in the future!

  5. Replies
    1. Thanks Ciera! I don't think I ever grabbed one of your business cards dang it!

  6. Wait....Erin bought your necklace OFF YOU?! That is the most amazing thing I've ever heard!!!! So cool!! Thanks for featuring my card! :) Your biz cards were one of my favorites - still need to take pictures for that post! haha Have a good weekend!

  7. you are the sweetest person ever! So glad we were at the same tabel for the Friday lunch.

    1. I know it! I had my eye on your blog for a while and it was so great to chat with you!


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