Monday, January 7, 2013

Liam's Party Tricks

When I was younger, more limber, and in...ummm...better shape than I happen to be now, I could do this trick where I lay on my back and whip/flip myself up into a standing position. You know, like Jackie Chan does in Rush Hour (and every movie Jackie Chan was in...ever). Whenever we had guests over my dad would be like, "Alix, do that flippy thing!" and then he would turn to our guests and be like, "Watch this". It was always a bit awkward and made me feel a little like a dog performing party tricks for a piece of dog jerky, but I just couldn't disappoint my proud father.

And ironically I think I have become that parent. The one who turns their kid into a monkey playing the organ grinder. That's who I am now, I guess.

Liam has three party tricks I'm proud of...

1. He claps furiously when you say "Patty cake, patty cake, baker man"...but he also claps if you start clapping, which I am not sure if that makes him more or less smart? You should see his eyebrows furrow when he gets it arms flapping in a clap motion...dar-ling!

2. Did you know that when you place your tongue on the roof of your mouth, suck in, and then pull your tongue down, it makes a clicking sound? Well Liam knows that. And he makes a little click all day now. All I have to do is make any sound that remotely resembles a click and he is happy to follow suite.

3. He also waves goodbye. This one is a personal favorite and always a crowd pleaser. But when he pumps those tiny chubby fingers up and down, it's usually at himself-which makes it all the more adorable. Why not wave goodbye to oneself?

Every now and then, when a crowd is coaxing him, Liam decides he is nobody's puppet. And try as we might-hands clapping, tongue clicking, waving waving-Liam just looks at us like we are a bunch of idiots. I bet we sure look the part :). I don't care though...I'll keep prying those party tricks out of my kid because, well, he's mine, and I like him...a lot.


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