Monday, January 14, 2013

They call it attachment parenting...

They call it attachment parenting... or so I hear. I think it has to do with skin-to-skin contact after birth and breastfeeding and sleeping patterns and bonding...and I'm pretty sure I am doing it. Attachment parenting, that is. Because my little Nugget it very attached, bonded, breastfed, and (ahem) sleeps while literally attached.

Mid-night feeding sessions are kind of like sleepwalking...your not sure how you got in the kitchen with a mayonnaise and hamburger sandwich in your hand, but your pretty sure it's your own doing. That's kind of what I feel like at 4:00am when I wake up to Nugget sucking on my elbow and my boob is just hanging out there. And I'm like, What the freaking heck is going on here?

I can't be alone in this. There has to be other "sleepwalking" moms out there. Parents who say to themselves, "Cribs...what a waste of money." And if you are not out there...I will make you up in my mind for self-reassurance purposes.

Either way, Nugget crawling around and on me in the mornings is seriously the most wonderful part of my day. Wouldn't trade it. Not even for a good nights rest. Well, maybe just one good nights rest would be okay.

I'm going to go nap now :)

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