Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Yours: Favorites

This here blog has been in the works for one year...can you believe it!?! I feel like it has grown so much! (and so have I)... But I also feel like I have so many ideas and so much more I would love to accomplish. 2013...bring it!
And I'm starting this year with a bang at Alt Summit blog conference (I'm not sure if you noticed, but I have mentioned Alt about a thousand times in the last couple weeks).
So sadly I may be MIA a bit this week, but I will come back next week loaded with inspiration (I bet you are already anticipating it ;) ).
And now I will awkwardly transition to a stroll down memory lane (of the last year)...Here are your favorite posts (some surprising to me [I thought no one cared about my messy house woes] and some not so much [I knew "Breast Friends" was a hit from the moment I typed "breast"]).

Your Top Choices:

1| Men in Skirts with a Twist

2| paper haunted village DIY

3| Breast Friends


4| it's the final countdown (do do do doooo...)

5| Welcome Fall

6| Liam's Birth Story (secretly my favorite post)

7| my house is a mess

Honorable Mentions: 

it's coming!...
Liam's Nursery
brown paper packages tied up with string...
fall love and reflections
on a rainy day


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