Monday, March 18, 2013

Go Mighty: My Life Goal List

At Alt Summit I had the privilege of meeting some fabulous ladies from a little project called Go Mighty. In an Alt class with the Go Mighty folks we laughed, we cried, we ate cupcakes. It was epic. And 2 months post-Alt I finally got around to starting my goal list. The thing with Go Mighty is they want you to live life. And sometimes living life entails making goal lists, sharing them publicly, and lets be honest-doing both those things takes some guts. It's cooler than just lists though (I know, I know...what in the hell could be cooler than lists?!). Go Mighty is also a social network where other people can help/sponsor you crossing things off your list, and you can help/sponsor them. What?! Very very cool. Hipster cool. That's cool.

And I did it.
I started my life goal list.
And as a goal I am adding 10 things to my list every week for the next 10 weeks.
I think 100 things ought to keep my busy!

Here are a few I started with:

- Take my husband to a Dallas Cowboy's game in Dallas for his birthday
- Roast a Thanksgiving Turkey without burning down the house or having it taste like crap
- Sip hot chocolate in my fanciest clothes at Angelina in Paris
- Sneak into an airplane bathroom with my husband ;)

read the rest of my life list goals (so far) here...


  1. Thank goodness there are folks out there who still understand the value of true goal setting. Especially really important goals! I'm still working towards my goal of back-up singer for Pink Floyd - maybe the next time around.
    Meanwhile, I seriously love your goals. Hope you make it to every single one!

  2. Join the Mile High Club, eh? Naughty, naughty... ;)

  3. Yay! Welcome. And I'm looking forward to your story about checking off the mile-high club. Pics or it didn't happen.

  4. I'm totally signing up for this!

    1. Do it! And let me know when you do!

    2. Done. And I started a blog... busy day! I have to wait till I get home to put them all up. I have a journal with all my goals in it.

  5. I think we should do that Dallas game with our hubbies together!

    1. Fun! I would love that. I think Preston and Ashley are moving there FYI.


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