Monday, April 22, 2013

Our spring trip to the zoo!

There are some things in life that make me sublimely happy. I mean really really happy. Being around Clint and Liam together is one of those thing. It's happiness in a bottle when Liam hears Clint come through the door. He perks up his chubby little head and yells, lungs full of air, "UHH!" Which I am quite positive means "HEY" in baby. Then he toddles to the door as fast as his two feet can carry him (that's right! Did I mention he's walking all the time now?! Oh do slow down). Clint scoops him up and I feel like the observer of a Hallmark commercial. They really do belong together, Clint and Liam. 

Oh and by the way, happy Earth Day earthlings! We celebrated this beautiful planet at the zoo, and it may be of interest to know that the zoo in Utah in spring is kinda brown and kinda muddy. That didn't bother me much, though. Most of my time was spent watching my two dudes. Yep, I was a bit of a third wheel, but happily so.

You know how they say that sheep have their lambs in the spring? (Who is "they" really? Sheep herders?) Well zoo animals are on the sheep track because their were little nugget animals all over and oh man, I was obsessed something fierce. I loved how this little giraffe was so intent on nursing right then and there. I think the mom was looking at me like "You know how I feel don't you."

And by the way, baby elephants are HUGE (well duh). On a side note, for one of my birthing classes we watched a pregnant elephant give birth and all I have to say is WOW. and lots of fluid. lots and lots. Okay that's all I have to say about that.


Then I asked Clint to snap a couple pictures of me and Liam, and he immediately snapped this tasteful picture of my boob:

Happy Earth Day! Be good to her would ya?


  1. Beautiful photos, especially the giraffe :)

    1. Thanks Andrea! The one of my boob is my favorite ;)

  2. Once when visiting the ZOO, we came upon a momma camel who was trying to get her new-born on it's feet. The little one couldn't manage to get front end and rear end up at the same time. And when he did, he fell over. Little wonder - those tiny spindly legs were longer than the entire body, including head!
    Finally mom being a very smart mom, nudged the little critter over to the fence, nudged the rear end up, then the front until, legs splayed but straight, he was standing. She then gave him a gentle push until the little guy was firmly leaning against the fence.
    He pulled his legs closer together to help his balance, then looked up at her as if to say, thanks mom - this is way cool!
    Cutest darn thing I ever have seen.
    Last time I visited the Zoo in SL, I was with DJ, Liz, your mom, and you. You probably don't remember though 'cause you were still in her tummy!
    Love the pictures! Love your blog! Love you!

    1. That is so cool! In the video of the elephant giving birth (mentioned above) the mom immediately revived her baby that wasn't breathing. She kicked it for a minute and when that wasn't working she wrapped her trunk around the babies and opened up its airways. It was so amazing I cried. But I was 8 months pregnant :).


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