Saturday, April 6, 2013

The $30 Room Paint DIY: And Then We Saved

I am super big sucker for orange, and in case you haven't noticed, it is kind of Liam's theme color. I mean, his baby shower featured orange, his birthday was all orangey, and now his room is a robust shade of burnt orange. Oh yes, I am totally digging the orange thing.

And right after I drug that darling toddler bed into his room, Liam crawled right up on it and laid his head on a pillow. IT'S A CHRISTMAS MIRACLE! So that bed, gosh dammit, will get used by Liam so help me. And some day I will have a good nights rest.

Hop on over to And Then We Saved for some more delectable photos and... BONUS: tips on how to give your room a facelift on a $30.00 budget!


  1. Love the color! Love the bed! But mostly I love the levis! OMG! he looks so cute and all grown up in a little man sort of way!
    Amazing what a difference changing just one color makes! Love it! Now looking around my room and wondering - where can I make that kind of impact with just one color?
    Hmmm ...

  2. I love everything around this room, the colours, the tent what a great idea, great job! I have a question, does he sleeps in his bed without problem? my LO is 16m and he stills sleeps in a crib, I've been thinking about the transition to a toddlers bed but I'm not sure he is ready, please share your experience! thank you!! x


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