Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Memorial Day and our lovely evening at a couple graveyards

Graveyards are so fascinating to me. Mostly because of all the people buried there. What were their lives like? Who did they love? Who loved them? Once they were walking and talking and making big plans here on earth. It's so weird to me that some of them have been buried so long that everyone they knew in this life is dead too. Some have extravagant gravestones and monuments erected to celebrate them. Some have humble gravestones that signify a humble life (more my style, really). I spent my memorial day remembering my great-grandparents and my grandpa. We also stopped by my uncle's grave whom I never met. And while Memorial Day is so important to remember those who are no longer here I always find myself thinking about making the most out of life while I'm here. I mean I really try and live the hell out of life. I work ferociously hard and play hard too. To me, that is really living. I want to admire a finished project or progress at the end of a long day. I want to wake up sore after a long hike the day before. I want to build something, vacation often, serve someone, make lasting friendships. That is really living.

I also want to fill my life with people who want to be in it. Thinking about death really makes you reflect on life and who you choose to spend your time with. I'm picking people who love me and are kind to me. The ones who fill your life up, not drain it. I wonder how many people buried in that cemetery wish they had lived more fully? I wonder which ones have no regrets-they look back on life as an accomplishment...a life well lived. I really want to be one of those.


  1. Sometimes I feel bad I cant viset the graves, especially Davids. But then I feel glad I can remember and think about him anytime I please. And of course I have Kevin here with me. And that's what I do - remember them alive. You have a good atitude, life is for living. Time enough to worry about dead when you are. Oh that sounds grim, sorry about that. Liam has real personality, like Annabelle, oh and grandma and grandpa and mom and dad. Looks like you all had a beautiful day. Thanks for sharing :)

    1. Oh my Liam does have a TON of personality. He is a very lively kid, but then again, Clint and I are pretty out there ;). Thanks so much for reading and commenting! Love you!


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