Monday, February 20, 2012

Hot date for V-Day

"a good marriage is based on a talent for friendship"
- Friedrich Nietzsche

This Valentines day husband and I decided it would be fun to stay in and team cook. In commemoration of lovey V-day I thought I would introduce you to my husband and Valentine!

Clint is husband and Clint is confident
hint: I am the pregnant bowling ball…he is the everything

for Valentines day Clint bought me a card and this is how he labeled it

Clint is now exploring cooking.
He was so proud of his cooking that (for the first time since I met him) he delayed consumption to take a picture of his dinner and post it on facebook… and send it in a text message to all his family. 

This is the gourmet tenderloin steak husband made for our V-day dinner that was so fancy he used butcher's string, wine, and porcini mushrooms. It was SOOOO yummy!


Clint loves cheesecake. I also made a delicious dessert (and 3 sides) to go with our dinner. I made Oreo cheesecake found here. 

Clint was the best Valentine in the world…he comes to birthing classes every week, works to keep the family afloat, and is going to be the best daddy ever!

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