Friday, February 24, 2012

From dessert to bedrest…

If I had my way…every dessert would include mint and chocolate. Clinty, my man, prefers vanilla, caramel, cookies n' cream, cheesecake. So when I had the chance to make him a Valentines dessert I knew Oreo cheesecake was perfect. These mini cheesecakes were delish…but next time I will just do one big cake (the cake stuck to the cupcake paper). Here are a few more pics of the delicious specimen…

As for the rest of my life:

1. Pregnancy is coming along. I am very pregnant (36 weeks, but it feels like 40...I think) and very swollen (I have expanded like the blow fish on Finding Nemo). The midwife has ordered lots of swimming and feet elevation. I have also been drinking a spinach green smoothie a day and red raspberry leaf tea. Look at my healthy big bad self!
Note: feet elevation seems to be working, but my face is too fat to post pictures.

2. Good news! Bosco has only eaten 3 earplugs this week as opposed to 5 last week...but he did swallow an entire swiffer feather duster.

3. The Lewis family (my family) came into town and threw 2 baby showers. They were amazing! I will post pictures when I get them from Lacee

4. I went to the Chiropractor…they have pillows with a special whole cut out for my belly and I wanted to bring one home so I could lay on my stomach again. My body is looking pretty curvaceous and disproportionate these days. It is a comical experience when you put on a swimsuit, look at your breasts, and think to yourself: those are not where I left them.

5. My nursery is almost done! Thanks to my mom, dad, and Clint we are almost ready to bring baby home!


  1. awww you're getting so close to meeting your little guy! i hear ya with the blowfish thing... it's been a year and a half since that was me, but it's still nicely etched in my mind! you'll be back to yourself again!

    1. I remember Evie walking in on me sans clothes about 4 weeks earlier than that and spying my breasts said "MOM WHERE DID YOU GET THOSE???" She was clearly alarmed, as was I...Get used to them...they'll be around for awhile:) and you'll love every lactating minute of it. Miss you.

    2. Anna! Good to hear from you! I sure hope I will be back to normal! I can hardly bend my toes they are so swollen :)

    3. Tasha... So sorry to have not replied to your comments! I have been MIA which is code for sleeping most of the day. I am super excited to breastfeed and have decided that a positive attitude is the best way to approach my chest reconfiguration ;). The baby showers went great... everything was lovely (thanks to my mom who gets the work done of 10 people) and I was able to catch up with friends and family. You would have appreciated the decorations! I will put the pics on the blog when I get the back from Lacee.


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