Thursday, February 9, 2012

self portrait

Today I will talk about the boy in my belly…I am so excited to meet this little fella, but I kind of feel like I know him already...My absolute favorite part of the day is when I feel him kick. Often this happens when I am so busy that I forget about this little hitchhiker who goes everywhere with me. It is as if he wants to remind me that he is still tagging along. He was particularly active during church on Sunday, which made me wonder: how come I am having such a hard time staying awake? Here is our self portraits: 

While me and little boy live in a utopia of kicks most of the day, I have to say I have discovered that pregnant women tend to bring out the "know-it-all" in others. Everyone seems to know just how I should birth, what my baby will be like, what I should feed him, what brand of diaper bag is best…and so on. With all this "knowing" I have come to realize…everyone give completely different advice and stories. Anyways I have complied a list of a few things you should never tell a pregnant woman:
1. Your birth story
2. Your birth story
3. That she looks like a bowling ball

Come to think of it…the only things you should tell her are found in this article:
1. You look great!
2. Would you like to sit down?
3. Can I get you a cookie?

I would like a cookie on top of mint-chocolate-chip ice cream covered in milk and chocolate syrup (to be specific). Regardless of advice overload I can say one thing…no one, and I mean no one, will love this baby as much as we do!

 and here are the dogs attentively listening to my advise to stop barking or they will be kenneled

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  1. You are so beautiful and you will be such a wonderful mommy!


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