Friday, February 3, 2012

this week i...

hello faithful followers! (aka my mom and great aunt)... I thought this would be an excellent time to introduce me by going through my week.
This week we went for a fabulous Sunday walk:
The unusually warm winter weather in Utah has been perfect for walking and Sundays but not so good for snowmobiling and snowboarding. If you remember... I am uber prego so a toasty winter is a-okay with me, but not so much for poor Clint and Rufus (what I just named his snowmobile). 
if you look close in the photo above you will notice that Bosco is having a particularly difficult time crossing the cattle guard. he usually accomplishes this task by hunching low to the ground and sprinting across while crying.

In looking at my iPhone photos i realized 2 things:
a) i take a lot of pictures of my dogs and...
b) Jada is always staring at Bosco like he is a moron.

Not a bad view for a walk!

This week husband Clint worked with Bosco on his tricks:

"Bosco, shake"
 "Now the other paw"
 jada's thoughts: idiot... they aren't even giving you a treat for doing tricks.

While Clint was practicing tricks (or torturing the dogs) he grabbed their paws and sang
"This little piggy goes to the market...this little piggy goes to the mall...and this little piggy goes pee, pee, pee all the way home"
I am so proud of him for practicing daddy talk!
Speaking of babies... I spent my week nesting... literally:
 for my baby shower we are doing a birdy theme and I had to make these beautiful newspaper nests as decorations. thank you April 2010 Country Living!
I also splurged at Wally World and bought a birthing ball (also know as a Golds Gym Yoga ball):

decided to frame my favorite towel ever: 

and... although my face looks pregnant... i thought i could share a 32.5 week update photo!

Yay for baby boy!!!

PS... clint and I fixed the toilet (thanks to Loyd at Home Depot for helping a pregnant sista out!)


  1. Love reading what is going on with you! Makes me feel I know you better! Treasure this time with your dogs as your babies, because soon, this time will be long forgotten and your life will never be the same! xoxoxo

  2. Hi my beautiful little grandson! Oh and Ali, Clint, Jada and Bosco. I think you are a very smart dog Bosco. Those cattle guard crossings are really tough. Jada, you be nice! LOVE you all!! Mom..


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