Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Man. Teenager. Snooki.

There are some things people tell you about "your hair and nails will improve" or "you wont believe how big your belly gets!" or "stretch marks are inevitable"...I can report back that my nail beds look great, my hair is a healthy mane, no belly stretch marks, and yes my belly is HUGE. But there are some changes I was never warned about...jerks.

1. Pregnancy turns you into a man on the phone
Explanation: the swelling in my face has created an unexpected previously husky voice is now 3 octaves lower which means that when people call me, they now ask for alix because they assume her husband has answered. The other day, husband Clint thought I was talking to a man on speakerphone, but nope, I was talking to the dogs in my new pregnancy voice! Hooray!

2. Pregnancy turns you into a teenager
Explanation: I was never an adolescent who struggled with acne. Of course I had my few zits here and there, but right now it looks like puberty is pissed off at my back and has decided to plague it with red bumps as far as the eye can see. I am blaming that one on Baby's testosterone.

3. Pregnancy turns you into Snooki
Explanation: with much pride I admit that never once have I witnessed an episode of Jersey Shore...I once watched 3 minutes of an interview with Snooki, though, and all I could notice were her cute little sausage feet, ankles, and legs. I can think of no better way to describe my swollen pregnancy legs than stout Italian sausage legs. So me and Snooki have something in common (plus the word on the street [aka SNL] is that she is also prego).

The last shoes that fit :)

I am so excited to have this nugget!

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  1. Jealous about your lack of stretch marks. I have failed in that regard...failed miserably. I am excited for your little boy! Can't wait to see pics.


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