Monday, March 5, 2012

it's the final countdown (do do do doooo...)

2.5 weeks ago I was surrounded by fabulous women and was showered with gifts...lots of fantastic clothes and none were in my size. They were, however, the perfect size for the nugget in my belly…

The baby showers, with much (well, almost all) credit going to my mom, dad, and sista, were beautiful and totally a hit. Photos of the shower are on their way. In the mean time, here is a photoshoot my mother insisted upon! :)

Here mom did some interesting photo cropping
(I am growing out and Clint is growing up)

 This is my mom and dad

This photo reminds me of Kip's wedding song at the end of Napoleon Dynamite: "I love technology...but not as much as you, you see...but I still love technology...always and forever...always and forever" (special thanks to Apple for making it possible to completely ignore all those around you without having an awkward silence)

Mama and me

 Sister Annie and me

This is me at 36 weeks...and I have exciting news! William's due date was moved to March 19th! I am measuring much larger than my previous due date of March 26th (this is the only time where being larger than you thought is a positive thing I suppose). For all the people out there who care about the birthing numbers: I am progressing "very well" (says midwife Erica) at 3 centimeters and 90% effaced...midwife Jen said I "have a fantastic cervix"...what a compliment! :) (I bet no one has ever complimented your cervix) So this may be my last blog as a pregnant lady...but stay tunned! 
 P.S. this is what a puffy prego face looks like


  1. I don't think you will make it until your due date if you are that far progressed! :) I was only 1.5 centimeters and 80% effaced 5 days before I had my bundle! I can't wait to see him! :)

    1. I can't wait either! I am so excited! Lets hope he comes soon :)

  2. uhm. your house looks amazing!!! If this isn't your last post as a pregnant lady I would love a home tour!! YAY FOR BABIES

    1. Marci! You can totally come see my house... whether I have a baby in my tummy or in my arms :)! Are you still going to school?

    2. PS... I am starting a blog series soon called "Saturday Spaces" where each Saturday I will feature house projects I have done or will do... so everyone will get to see bits of my house here and there

  3. I cannot wait to get my hands on that little guy and I am sure you will not miss us holding and talking to your tummy all the time! He is so and Clint will be wonderful parents! I love him!

  4. This is G-Pa little man. Don't Poop in the Bathtub.


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