Monday, April 16, 2012

day date with my guys

hello all. i first wish to begin with an apology that i haven't posted in a while (like 8 days to be exact) and that is inexcusable. now that i relieved myself of self-inflicted guilt, lets explore my Saturday: 

this past Saturday began as all Saturdays do round these parts... i awoke (awoke is code for waking up from my final nap in a series of mini-naps that was once called nighttime) to find Clint watching The Breakfast Club...which was a funny surprise...and i quickly got ready for the day (i was ready by 12:30 pm-big accomplishment)...and we were off to the foreign land of Provotown! 

first stop was a pedicure for husband and i both 
side story: Clint was the one who introduced me to pedicures...i think he likes being taller than everyone for once (this is a joke...he is 6'5")
it was nice to watch them paint my toes that no longer looked like sausages

while at the mall already it would have been a shame not to stop for some See's chocolates. i have but only one complaint: they only have 2 kinds of mint/chocolate combinations and i am a HUGE mint/chocolate fan. Why The Face? (Modern Family Reference). husband's chocolate of choice is the white-chocolate-mint combo. he highly recommends it. 

next we were off to lunch at a shabby/well-reputable burrito joint called Mountain West Burritos. i give the steak burritos an 8 out of 10 and the chicken salad a 6 out of 10. their chips and salsa, however, were a diez (i am fluent in Spanish numbers 1 to 100).

our final destination was ladies choice...and gentlemen were very patient with me. we went to the BIJOU Market and I LOVED IT. i swear Utah county is overflowing with creative/talented/fabulous women. seriously etsy threw up on Utah county. i recommend you visit. the market i purchased a tea towel,  some vintage postcards (with writing on them!!!), a pair or floral earrings, and my first roll of wasi tape (to start my own project life!).

and as all days begin and end...we spent time with our nugget liam. he is the coolest thing about us. 


  1. I love wasi tape! You can use it for EVERYTHING! And that Liam! He looks like an Adams...That market looks amazing! Wish I would have been there for the whole saturday, which would have totally crashed your date, but, hey, I miss ya, and haven't seen that babe! Isn't great to have a husband who will get a pedi with ya??? Maybe that's an Adams thing too??? Love you!

    1. The market was amazing! they do a few a year i think...but I am always on the lookout for fun fairs and antique shops so if you want to shop i will find some fun places! liam is the sweetest. i am excited for you and evie and stella to meet him!


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