Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Easter walks

This Easter was Nugget Liam's first Easter! He slept through most of it though :). It was a lovely warm Sunday (the warmest Easter in Utah in years) and Liam was able to attend Church for the first time too! He behaved as good boys should so we think we will keep him. Here are a few things you should know about Nugget: 

First, he likes to eat... A LOT. He usually eats at:
you get the idea. Let us all say a prayer of thanks for Lansinoh.

Second, he wears newborn diapers that must be changed before he will eat.

Third, nugget is always happy when he is always being held (which is another way of saying that he is only happy when he is always being held). (and we love it)

Fourth, nugget has a fascination with windows and smiles when we play Adele or Modern Family reruns. 

oh...and he is the cutest baby on the planet. ever.

 Happy Easter!

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  1. It is like an optical illusion...he looks so big when mommy is holding him and so tiny when daddy is holding him. I wonder what he will look like when granny holds week!!! Can't wait!!! We love you all so much.


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