Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Mother Adoration

Monday was a busy Monday…a day of grocery shopping and midwife appointments. And as I toted Nugget through Costco and the dreaded Wally-world (aka walmart) I began to notice other mommies sporting newborns and toddlers in grocery carts, little ones running at their feet…and I couldn't help but think of them as my heroes:
You are amazing!
You gave birth to a new human life!
You probably didn't sleep last night.
You love another human more than you ever thought possible!
You probably thought about how easy or hard it would be to breastfeed in that shirt.
How did you lose weight so fast?
We are both on team mom!

Of course before I had my own Nugget I thought babies were adorable and mommies were amazing, but I never knew how great the sacrifice and how ample the love. Seriously, having a baby has made me feel like I have entered this secret world of parenthood that you can only understand once you join in…like I was Truman on The Truman Show and I just hit the wall that looks like the sky. How did I not know what I was missing? I also thought I loved Husband a lot, but now I love him A LOT.

I think the depth of love comes mostly from the required sacrifice of parenting. When I watched parents in the produce section it occurred to me that they sacrificed so much for their children and I totally didn't get it before!

Anyways… I love Clint and I love Liam and life is good…in fact, here are some life updates: 

1…I have started to work out, mostly jogging and P90X. My goal is to be to pre-prego weight by July. For all the women out there who think they are the only beached whales during pregnancy I would like to be completely honest with you:
Before pregnancy weight = 127 lbs
Weight at 37 weeks (with massive water retention) = 181 lbs (yes math whizzes, that’s 54 lbs of pregnant glow)
Weight hours before delivery = 178 lbs (thank you feet elevation technique)
Leaving the hospital weight = 159 lbs (I peed SO MUCH)
Today's weight = 149 lbs and dropping! 

Why share this with you? First, I think we need to lighten up on our pregnant selves­-super models have nutritionists and eating disorders. Second, I need you all to keep me honest and motivated to get back in shape.
Ps…I have stretch marks on my thighs… there, I said it. Whew.

2…Husband and I are thinking about breeding Bosco. That, or chopping his manhood off (never thought I would say "chopping his manhood off" in a post)

3…Liam outgrew his newborn clothes (a moment of silence for his Monsters Inc. eyeball onesie please)

4…We went to visit the Lewis fam in Sun Valley, Idaho this past weekend. It was wonderful. We hiked every day, the boys dirt biked, no one could walk by Sunday…so much fun. Note to everyone: Sun Valley has to be the most beautiful place on earth.

With Grandma Trish

Mad that I am not holding him or feeding him

Shut your face!



  1. Your doing a terrific job - your insights, your sharing, your observing are things all moms - old and young - remember and can relate to! Margaret xoxo

  2. i laughed and cried (a little) at this post...you are one of the most beautiful women i am happy to know. i have loved you from the moment you were born. i am proud to be your mommy.


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