Friday, April 27, 2012

Liam's Nursery

Today I would like to post about something lovely: Liam's nursery. I started collecting items for this nursery long before I knew they would find a home in my future son's room. Admittedly, I am a sucker for second-hand items. Antique fairs and craft expos are kind of like my drug of choice...nothing gets me more giddy than finding the perfect item a Goodwill or the DI.
So like the good antiquer and second-hander that I am, Liam's room came together piece by piece and on a budget of as little as possible. 

Liam's changing table and crib were found by husband on KSL for about $300 (he is always looking for a used bargain...unless of course he is shopping for trucks, snowmobiles, motorcycles, mountain bikes, or road bikes ;) ). I had imagined a white-washed crib and orange changing table, but the warm browns kind of speak to me now. 

Above his crib are white stars I found at IKEA a couple Christmases back. They hang amidst vintage alphabet cards I picked up in Columbus, OH when I went the the Country Living fair with my mom (that's right...we flew to Ohio for an antique fair...I told you I am into it!).

Perhaps one of my favorite fairs/times of year/events is the 4th of July in Hailey, ID. Two years ago I was able to snag this vintage teal fan for $35 and this rocking chair for $15. Such good deals I felt like I was stealing

One of my favorite items in the nursery is this artwork my dear friend Melissa created. You can find her work here!

 Oh the Tiffany teal dresser! This belonged to my Grandpa was originally white but it found its home with teal. I can't get enough of it! Atop the dresser stands a Goodwill find-a plantation shutter my Grandma Page stashed in her shed for a later use. I made it into a photo display.

With leftover material from the "William" banner i fashioned some pillows i like to call art pillows. They turned out lovely.

 The maps are wrapping paper from Paper Source, framed in $5 IKEA poster frame (project cost: $30...double fist pump!)

As always, my mom helped with virtually every element (or was there when I purchased it) :). Her star contributions include the painter's-drop-cloth bed-skirt (amazing truly) and the "Boy" frame (which has served several purposes before landing above the crib). 

Recording the making of Liam's nursery reminds me that there are a lot of people who have influenced its creation and who love and care about our little boy! He is lucky...I hope he gets that someday :)

Photos via elle imagery 

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  1. He will always be surrounded by beautiful spaces with a creative mom like you...he is so lucky and loved! Love you Liam!!!


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