Tuesday, May 22, 2012


being a mom is a hard job. the best job in the world, and maybe that's why it is hard. all your efforts, time, tears, and worries make it the best job because they are all directed at making another little human happy, secure, and loved. every now and then a moment occurs when i know Liam feels this love. where our souls connect. where he looks into my eyes and it doesn't matter that he can't speak the words because he tells me with his soul that i am loved. this sacred moment comes when we are lying next to each other and he looks up at me. without prompting, a grin dances across his face and i know it is just for me. sometimes when i feed him he unlatches and with milk dribbling down his chin his content eyes reach mine and i know that smile is just for me. and i know that although he cant thank me, he knows he is loved, he knows he is worried about, he knows i spend my whole day just trying to make him happy. and in that moment, when our souls meet, i know i am loved too. 

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