Monday, May 21, 2012

cookies for 2 ... milk for 3

To celebrate the 3rd year of our marriage I made some vanilla cake cookies with chocolate cream frosting. They were as good as they sound.

And isn't there just something magical about a homemade card. You can almost imagine the maker stacking paper layers, adding tape here and there. All their love is glued and glittered into place. That is why I make cards for the people I love the most. And I made Clint a card for our anniversary. 

So the two of us (husband and wife) ate cookies and the three of us (momma, dadda, and nugget) drank milk.


  1. Happy #3! We love Clint more and more the longer he is in our us (trish & john) he is another son and to Fisch...the big bro he never had and to Annie...another brother to tease her...what a wonderful gift. Thanks for finding him Alix!

  2. by the way...I love your pretty teal and orange plates!


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