Saturday, June 9, 2012

Announcing Liam!

This post has been in the making even prior to my nugget's arrival. Being a Pinterest/Blog/Instgram Pinner/Blogger/Instgramer, I have seen a recent trend in mixing sewing with paper and particularly little flags sewn to announcements, invitations, and scrapbooks. This is important stuff, mind you. Therefor, as a rational crafty human being it was only logical to apply recent trend (and ignore the obvious call to be original) and create Liam's birth announcement in the spirit of sewn banners and clever announcing. To my credit, I did use InDesign, Photoshop, Costco, a sewing machine,, help from my mom, and a perfect basically I am amaze-balls (a term used among crafty and hip bloggers or etsy-ers). Check out our little adorable announcements!:

And to celebrate our sweet arrival I have decided to explain the origin or William's names: 
William: Clint's middle name, Clint's great-grandpa's name, Alix's great-grandpa's name. 
Kevin: Alix's beloved uncle's name
Adams: Our last name :) (surprise!)

We still can't fathom what we did to deserve such an angel in our life!

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