Thursday, June 7, 2012

A mother's day gift, you know.

Holy smokes folks! This week and the previous have been busy busy busy. With brother Fischer graduating, birthdays, mother's day gifts, memorial day festivities, and in-laws in town I am pooped. The bad news is...i have sucked at getting blog posts out! {frown} The good news is I have about 8 blog posts in my cue that i think are spunky/memorable/endearing {smile}. 
For mi madre for Mother's Day I made her a photo book of Liam's newborn pics using blurb (fyi [for all those who are interested in making a photo book any time soon-which i am sure is hundreds of you]...i like blurb but i think i like My Publisher better). Here is the book. It turned out lovely. 

A few stories to keep you entertained. 

Clint wrecked on his motorcycle twice...while coasting...with the bike off. He also hurt his arm shooting a bow and arrow (I warned him...he has no Cherokee in him you know). He is starting to believe my rantings about his accident-prone-ness. 

Liam upgraded to size 2 diapers {tear} after an explosive p--p (- = o) which resulted in an entire load of laundry (my clothes + grandma Karen's clothes + Nuggets clothes + car seat cover + two towels). I blame this entirely on Husband's genetics. I am a lady after all. 

Fischer graduated. Few. 


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