Thursday, June 14, 2012

Too good to pass up and oh I am official now!

So here is some exciting news. This psychology major, women's studies minor is on her way to being a computer geek (ish). During Nugget's micro-naps (too short to consider naps) I have been doing my blogging homework. I am designing/redesigning a custom blog with buttons, multiple pages, etc. and the first thing I figured out (which really wasn't hard but there is a learning curve here people) is to create a custom domain. What that means is that my blog URL is now (not alixandralewisadams.blogspot)! I'm official! Woot woot!!! This is probably way more exciting for me than any of you but this is my blog so deal ;).
K now on to the stuff that was too good to pass up. These pics are a month old but I couldn't not share. This is my brother Fischer giving Liam a bath. So perfect. He was so worried he would hurt Nugget that it took him 20 minutes to complete the bath and the water was cold by the end. Check it out:


  1. Congrats on the .com, and these pictures are heart touching. What a great uncle Fischer is!

  2. i think liam is more fascinated with fischer then anything!!


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