Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Wednesday Wish List: Life

1. I always appreciate my body. and to remember belly rolls and cottage cheese were some of my best features once. why not now?

2. I always be grateful for the current moment. as i look back on photos three months ago, i can scarce believe the changes Nugget has made. he is growing so fast and so well. i wish to live in the moments of his life and to not wish for a future time. (i do secretly wish he would freeze in time, just slow down a little so i can soak him in, but then that wouldn't be fare because he needs to grow and wish too).
3. I find beauty in the simplicities of life. like enjoying words of affection written on a postcard from another time.
4. I wish...for more naps. lets be honest here people, 45 minute naps every 4 hours is not a delight...but i do enjoy the company.

5. I wish...for more time with family. i never appreciated how valuable a family is until Nugget came along. family is the fabric of the eternities.
6. I forgive as easily as Bosco forgives.
7. I eat healthier. to take better care of my body. to appreciate every breath.
8. I wish...he knew how lucky he is to have such an amazing dad. truly a patient and wonderful soul Husband is.
9. I wish...for a yard. a girl can dream right?
10. I travel the world. to learn from the lives of others. especially those who are different from me.

11. I enjoy the rainy days with Jada who stands as the master example of refinement and simplicity. 


  1. Great post, Alix! I especially like #10 and I can totally relate on #9 and I remember #4 very well, although my boys always took good naps. #2 is a challenge but I've heard that kids definitely help a person slow down and live in the moment. You are wise beyond your years. :-)

    1. Thanks Melissa! It's nice to know that I'm not wishing for too much or for the wrong things!

  2. don't forget #2...especially when the house is a mess and you have not done your post for the day...he will be grown before you know were and now i miss you in my life everyday! LOVE


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