Thursday, August 16, 2012

Battle Creek Canyon

If you find yourself wondering what to do on a Tuesday night and you happen to live near Utah County Utah, I highly recommend the Battle Creek Canyon hike. It was a multicultural experience filled with random adolescent smokers, families repelling, and waterfalls. We even saw a girl with a naked (seriously) Incredible Hulk tattoo on her thigh (basically the most hard core tat ever). How could you go wrong? Clint is the leader of our church youth group and I bet him $10 by the end of the hike at least one kid would be drenched. There were three-I made $30. And Annabelle was right in the middle of them :). 

I am very excited for my mom and sister to move in with us this year! My mom has been here 5 days total and I am already elbows deep in paint and Country Living magazine inspiration as we are decorating my craft loft/studio/office/room/place. One of my favorite things about my mom is that she is a do-er. Any project is a possibility and when I need that push of confidence to get going, she's willing to push. Her and Annabelle are such helpful souls. Bless them.

(I got a little carried away with my new photo apps but I still love these pictures)


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