Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Yosemite National Park!

Every three years husband's mom's family, the Macdonals, get together somewhere in the country and do a reunion. It was my second showing at the Mac family tradition and this time I got to bring a little nugget along! (I have a feeling [hope] we will have a second nugget for the next reunion). We landed (by car) in Yosemite National Park this year and it was beautiful. 

Here is a little traveler's guide to Yosemite, according to our experience at least:

These pics were taken on the edge of this rock that was actually 30 yards from the edge of the cliff, but it looks like I am a bad mom and let Clint pull a Lion King on us all. At one point he held Liam up like Simba (and I was freaking out so I didn't get a picture) and a lady behind us screamed at Clint. Awesome. So first {1} thing on our Yosemite guide is to drive to the views. They will not disappoint.
Second {2} thing to do, plan on seeing mostly trees on windy roads until you get to your location. Unlike Yellowstone (which I have never been to but I hear good things) the drives through Yosemite are not super scenic (unless you like a lot of trees). We spent a lot of our time disoriented while driving for hours to "see" the sights. And by "we" I mean "I" was disoriented.  But when we got where we were going, it was a blast.
Third {3} go here. Big trees. Really really big trees!

Fourth {4} spend time in good company. These here are three of my adorable nephews. And that is giant tree poop.

I think Clint instructed the cousins to act like trees. Pretty great rendition I think. The best part is little Nugget's hat head!
Nephew Damon. He and Liam will be in the same grade. Can't wait for the two little nuggets to be buddies.
Fifth {5} did I mention to go see the big trees?

And sixth {6} take lots of photos. Going through the pics reminds me of how much fun we had.

A few things that weren't pictured that were fun: 
- Swimming in Yosemite valley
- Lots of cute cousins and second cousins (I should have taken more pics of them dang it)
- Camp

And Phillis the iPhone captured breakfast as we left the park on our last day. Best. Hot. Chocolate. Ever. 

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