Tuesday, August 21, 2012

WalMart Dialogues

It happened today whilst browsing the fanciful isles of Wally world. I officially became one of those parents who uses their children as an excuse to have conversations with themselves in public. There I stood debating, out loud, which sunblock to buy.

"Should I buy the baby stuff or the sports stuff, Liam?"
(You like how I did that? I added "Liam" to the end so as to not look like a lunatic talking to myself...no not this mom...I am clearly having a discussion about sunblock with my 5-month-old...no crazy people here)

"Which one do you think, Liam?"
He gurgled, smiled, and then poked himself in the eye with my pen (bad mom).

After picking out sun block we scooted to the pet isle, picked up some dog poop bags, and witnessed the quintessential cat lady purchasing 15 cans of soft cat food and a cat bell. So my Tuesday couldn't get any better really.

The best part of WalMart in the fall is by far, hands down, the back-to-school section. I miss grade school. Its been 5 years since I graduated high school and I don't really miss the people, the drama, the homework, adolescence. But I freakin miss the lined notebook paper, the day planners, new sharpies all lined up in a row. I miss buying magic markers and organizing them in a pencil box. They even have tacky cat-covered folders for young aspiring cat ladies! If only my adorable little sister could look to the future and see that someday she will miss buying calculators and erasers. sigh.


  1. Liam is so stinking cute!!!!!
    Don't feel too weird, I used to talk to my babies like that too. I think if they had ever answered I might have fainted.

    1. Thanks! He is so much fun...how funny would it be though if he answered!

  2. where's my wife? I'm hungry!!


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