Wednesday, September 19, 2012

pumpkin chocolate-chip cookies

 The very second I feel a crisp edge in the air and smell fall in the breeze I break out the canned pure pumpkin. It's almost like an uncontrollable reaction to the shift in weather. Like when your knee jerks up when a doctor knocks your reflex with their little hammer. I am no natural baker-I try real hard. But this pumpkin chocolate-chip cookie recipe is fool-proof. It is nothing unique. There is no secret ingredient. But they are the world's most perfect cookie in every way. They are moist and gooey and kind of like this little mini pumpkin cake that has melted chocolate nuggets. And somehow the chocolate chips stay melted even after the cookie has cooled off. 
How excited are you now that I have been ranting for 10 sentences about cookies? Soooo excited?
Well do it. Don't think about it. Give in to your fall reflex and make these cookies.
pumkin chocolate chip cookies at


Happy baking homies!

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  1. He's wearing his Yosemite onesie! I LOVE those cookies, sucks that they aren't on my no sugar plan... eat an extra for me! They look awesome, perfect texture!


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