Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Nugget Month by Month (less April and May)

On the holy grail that is Pinterest I saw a series of photos a mommy took of her new baby. She took pictures of the babe on the same chair every month, and then every year (over-achiever). And I was like, "what a good idea". And come rain or shine (or un-enthusiastic husband) I have taken pictures of nugget on the same chair every month. But then I lost April and May's pictures (stop judging me). So I am almost there folks. Almost as amaze-balls as Pinterest-lady.
Some day. 
Anywho...Check out how much my Nugget has grown! What impresses me more than his thigh circumference (which is remarkable really) is how much personality he has developed. Every month gets better. 

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  1. The thighs totally make up for the lost pictures :) That chair is BEAUTIFUL and the perfect backdrop! I was so overwhelmed that I meant to do that, but I never did... YOU are Amaze-balls!


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