Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Sir Liam Nugget is 6 months...Can you even believe it!?

We have taken to calling Liam "Sir William" because he is a little bit of a demanding prince in this castle. 

I hereby invite you to the 6th month photo shoot of his royal highness, Sir William Nugget. 
It is the desire of the prince that we make farting noises, so that he may laugh uncontrollably.
Smashed peaches and bananas will be served as our royal feast. 
All attending must not comment on the nudity of the Prince and must enjoy his butt-cheek dimples.
Please arrive by carriage.
Good day to you all!


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  2. He is so CUTE!! I love his big brown eyes and his adorable kissable face. You two make gorgeous babies. Clint let me see your little video on his phone, oh my, it curled my toes!

  3. Oh, he is adorable, I can't believe 6 months! Great pictures! They will be treasures!


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