Saturday, September 8, 2012

we drove a lot this summer.

I don't know about you, but we drove A LOT this summer. 
And I think I am about done with the driving. Nugget concurs. 
Why so much driving? You may ask. 
Well family lives far away.
Reunions occur far away. 
And basically everything seemed to be far away. 

Summer was fun and grand. It was hot and the ice cream was sweet. But I am ready to come home to fall.
Every time we leave home I grow to love home a little more. 
Clint and mini-Clint are my home.

But while we settle down into the freshly-sharpened pencils and orange leaves and pumpkin-flavored (fill in dessert of preference) treats of fall, lets take a look at a few "on the road" pics.

You may notice that most of these photos look like they were taken from a moving car. 
That is because all of these photos were taken from a moving car. 
I fancy myself a pretty creative car photographer. 
The idea of stopping to take a picture of the desert is lost on Clint, so I have gotten pretty crafty at taking car pics. 
Most of my best landscapes were taken from a rolled-down car window going 80 miles/hour (don't panic mom, I wasn't driving). That being said, they still aren't that great :). 

Happy fall. 
Go forth and roll in the leaves. 

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  1. I feel like all I did this fall was pack and unpack. I am so glad to be home. Well, maybe for a month...


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