Sunday, September 16, 2012

Welcome Fall

It's here! Have you heard? 
There is a crisp breeze when you step outside. 
Trees are throwing red, orange, and yellow tantrums. 
Pumpkins and gourds are making cameos in produce bins. 
I'm lining up my scarves and dusting off the boots.
Falls here! I am so ready! 
According to some radio dude, this past summer was the second hottest in Utah history. It was hot...but second in Utah history...was it really that hot!? 
So it's time. 
Time to watch hundreds of football games and commentate on the color of their uniforms (and throw in some football terms to check if Husband is really listening to me). 
It's time to spend money on adorable little boy fall clothes, and time for Nugget to barf on them to break them in. 
Don't you know its time to brainstorm Halloween costumes and pretend like Husband will dress up like anything besides a Celtics basketball player with a blonde Afro wig (although he is going for the world record of 5 Halloweens in a row as the same thing).
It is time to make pumpkin chocolate chip cookies and time to get sick from eating 3 dozen in 1 hour.
It's time to start doing (according to the Home Depot commercials).
The time is now for hikes and yellow sweaters and chilli soup. 
Get with it my people. It is fall!

This week I welcomed fall with mustard yellows, earthy teals, red stripes, and a peacock scarf. Looking at these photos makes me realize just how "curvy" my figure is these days. I mean, I always had the junk in the trunk but the nursing breasts and all the rest will take a little getting used to :). Maybe a few less pumpkin cookies.

Nevertheless, I am very excited for fall and my plans for this blog! I have fall crafts, recipes, and activities planned. You are invited!

Also, we have a big announcement of sorts. Our family is about to...get ready for a home! (Admit it, you thought I was going to say "have a baby". Nugget is only 6 months! Relax people [wink]). I am soooo excited that you will be able to come along while we build a house. This will be an exciting/scary/stressful/wonderful adventure. 
This fall we are feeling pretty blessed.


  1. YAY! I always dream about building my own home someday. How exciting you are able to so young! You are hardly what I would call curvy- skinny lady. I am slightly jealous of the boobs though! woo woo!

    1. I know...I am so very excited about the house. With rates so low we are really lucky to be able to build right now. As for the may be jealous of them in a bra, but seeing me naked is a little scary. I am very Halloweeny naked ;)

  2. So exciting! With your taste it will be awesome, no doubt! Can't wait to see you birth this baby into the world!


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