Tuesday, October 23, 2012

fall love and reflections

Last week we stumbled upon this perfect house (pictured above). To me, this house says "fall" in every way. Twin rocking chairs cuddle up on the porch. Arching maples sprinkle the lawn with fall leaves. A tree swing welcomes you. Yes, this house is fall perfection. Stop me before I break into song.

Something about fall really brings out the sentimental in me. It makes me want to watch Little Women and look at family photos, and eat pumpkin flavored everything. I start to get gift-giving-y and want to solve world hunger one soup bowl at a time, and can't wait for sub-for-Santas. I even wait impatiently at the mailbox waiting for the mailman to hand me my Country Living October/November/December issues.

Yes this time of year is the best, and I like to think it brings out the best in me.
I feel especially blessed for our most important addition of Liam this fall.

And by way of announcements, I would like to let you all know that we closed on a home today! We purchased a lovely speck just minutes from our town home. Initially we intended to build, but that project and price got away from us quickly. No matter, I am thrilled with this new home and new adventure. It contains a fireplace with mantel and-hold your breath-a craft room so glorious it brings me to tears! Yes I am so blessed. Very very lucky. I hope I always remember that.
Alright, time to end this rambling.

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