Thursday, October 25, 2012

my house is a mess

We are moving. If you didn't catch the moving announcement you can read it here. And as a result, my house is an effing mess of a mess. Okay, maybe that last sentence was a bit dramatic and a hint vulgar. But this morning was a morning where I stared at the mountains of boxes around me and was like "Maybe I should just eat ice cream instead of pack."
Rewind a bit...we woke up to snow--a blizzard. It is October 25th (I checked this morning to make sure I didn't sleep through November and right into December). As a result, we turned on the heater and my Instagram feed was blowing up with snow pics (I added one myself-it is below). Welcome to Utah weather!

Liam and I stayed in bed extra late (until 10:00) and I made sure to cuddle him lots because he is a runny-nose teething mess. He seemed to appreciate the extra snuggles. In fact, I need to wrap this up so I can cuddle him to bed.
And based on the blizzard we are having tonight...Merry Christmas!

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