Tuesday, October 16, 2012

WitchFest Pre-Party

At the magical land of Gardner Village there is a fest called WitchFest. It is here that once a year all the witches of Utah assume their native dress and witchy-ness. They live among you for 11 months of the year, behaving normally, dressing normally. But once bewitching October hits, we witches strap on our spooky hats and fly on our brooms to a festival that is not to be beat. Of course there is a pre-party that only the most select witches attend. Pictured are the witches themselves: Annie, Trish, Jodi, Vicky, and me (of course).

So stay tuned for tomorrow's post, where this witch will cast a spell on you with photos from the cackle-fest itself!

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  1. Incorporating houndstooth? Genius!!! You ladies look completely fabulous! Seeing how much fun you are having with your mom and sister makes me happy. I really hope we get to see you at thanksgiving and so do my girlies! Happy haunting!!


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