Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Merry Mantel

 On the first day of December I woke up to a to-do list longer than my Christmas tree is tall. And I put on my big girl panties and set out to tackle that list, so help me. From one frantic activity to another I paused only to complain about how much I had to do or to rebuke Husband for not joining me in my relentless pursuit of list completion...
and then husband said something that was pretty important. Something pretty wise. He said, "could you just relax and enjoy your day and not get so stressed when you don't get everything done?"
and I was like, duh Alix, this time of year is to enjoy each other, not cross each other off a list.
don't tell him, but Husband made me realize that I need to relax...Christmas will come no matter what I do or don't get done. That special day will come whether or not I enjoy the next few merry weeks.
So enjoy I will. 
Celebrate I will. 
Be grateful for Christ, His birth, His atonement, I will. 
Sound like Yoda, I do. 

I might not get everything done that I "need" (aka "want") to do, but I did get this Holiday mantel done. and that's something worth noting. So consider it noted.

Welcome December!

The best part of this Holiday mantel, obviously, is the glitter antlers. You guys, I have been asking my Husband to get me a set of antlers for a while now and then I just decided to make some myself. 

The Materials
- mdf board >> you can find pre-cut 2'x2' boards at Home Depot!
- Teal Paint >> Glidden semi-gloss, color Floating Bubbles (who doesn't want that color in their life?)
- Gold glitter >> Hobby Lobby (or wherever)
- Elmer's liquid glue >> WalMart (or wherever)

The Design
I did antlers because antlers are usually on my mind (hence my blog title graphic), but I highly encourage experimenting with other Holiday designs (and with other colors of paint and glitter).
Some ideas I considered... 
- a snowman: 3 mdf boards hung in a vertical row, each with a glittery circle in each
- a target on one board and an arrow on the other
- a Christmas tree

The Process
1| paint the board/s teal (or color of choice) >> let dry completely
2| in pencil, sketch design on board
3| in sections, paint glue within the design (aka: the desired glittery sections)
4| sprinkle glitter on the glue
    note: it helps to glue and glitter in sections so that the glue doesn't dry before you add glitter
5| dump off excess glitter
6| mount on wall >> I used a sawtooth hanger mount (also from Home Depot), but you can use wire or just prop them up on a mantel

and an important part of this time of year is family traditions...don't forget to tell me your traditions here!!!

Check out my fall mantel here


  1. Gorgeous blog. So glad I visited. I love your mantel. It's very unique and fresh. I found you via alt class with Nicole. Oh PS your baby is soooooo cute.

    1. Jeran! Thank you so much for visiting!!! I will for sure follow your blog-which is very lovely if I do say so! Lets for sure meet at Alt!


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