Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Tra-di-tion! Tradition!

The title of this post must be read while singing like Fiddler on the Roof's opening number (which is kind of ironic because this post is about Christmas traditions).
Moving on.
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I am a big fan of family traditions this time of year (or in general). I like reading a new Christmas book (picture book of course) in new pajamas on Christmas eve. I love the exchanging of Christmas gifts and cooking cinnamon rolls and listening to cheesy 1950s music about snow.
And last night Clint and I were talking about starting some of our own new family traditions (well I was talking about it and Clint was playing Free Cell on his phone). So this post is all about asking a question...What are your holiday traditions? I really want to know! I need some help coming up with fun family-filled annual festivities and it has come to my attention that there is this resource for such!
So leave a comment with your Christmas (or Jewish) traditions...and if I love it (which I am sure I will) I may post about it! And if I really really love it...I may send you a treat! :)


  1. i just started a tradition tonight actually. i decided that the night that we decorate the christmas tree (that was tonight for us!) we have breakfast for dinner. i made german pancakes tonight with our favorite syrups. it was awesome. now if i can just remember to do it again next year! i also try to make cinnamon/orange rolls on the first big snow of the season (even if it comes before halloween). I'm gonna keep checking the comments here to see what others say to get ideas. happy holidays! ps, i need your address to send you a cmas card!

    1. Anna! What a fun tradition! Email me your address and I will email you mine! My email is

  2. I inherited a really fun tradition when I married Brian. Brian, his dad, and his paternal grandpa are all amazing drummers and musicians. So on Christmas eve after dinner and dessert we get out the drum sets (yes multiple) and the rest of us with our bells and shaker and jam out to Christmas music. It's so fun to see my 80 year old grandpa rocking out. My family always does the white elephant gift exchange on Christmas eve as well as open new pajamas and watch National Lampoons Christmas Vacation. We always have the same breakfast casserole in the morning as well. LOVE your blog!

    1. Marci I LOVE those ideas! I was thinking we would do a talent show (a silly one of course) which is what your jam session totally reminds me of! And white elephant exchange! Why didn't I think of that?


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