Tuesday, November 6, 2012

My Home Depot Holiday

Friends, family, all...I am very very very (did I mention very?) excited for my holiday crafting series. It came to me as I wandered the isles of Home Depot (as I do at least once a week) and I was like...hey! Home Depot has a ton of potential! Seriously though, my beloved home improvement store was so inspiring that I decided to create a challenge for myself this holiday season:

drum roll .............. bdbdbdbdbdbdbd (thats what a drum roll spells like)........

The Home Depot Holiday challenge!

Using items one might find at a store like Home Depot, I will be crafting like crazy to fill my home with holiday cheer!
The great thing about Home Depot is that all the items used in my crafts are affordable and unexpected.

So if this is your kind of thing...craft along! And let me know how it goes!


  1. I love that everyone else in the world is writing about the elections and you are planning your Holiday crafts!!!

    1. Well anonymous...if you look closely at the crafts you will pick up on subliminal messages regarding who I think you should have voted for, my wide array of feminist beliefs, and my Mormon faith. Just wait until I get to my Christmas binder full of women! ;) Cheers!


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